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Within the past couple months I made the wise decision to switch to Photoflex and these are my results. I use Photoflex on my day to day shoots as well as for celebrities. I shot 100 Reality Stars on location in Hollywood (No matter where the location is, Photoflex is right for the job). I am about to start photographing “A” list talent…Knowing this I will only use Photoflex for all upcoming work.

I love my TritonFlash! I often use the 5ft and 8ft OctoDome. The light quality of Photoflex is absolutely phenomenal. It’s extremely compact and portable. Delivers powerful light for hours on end with just one battery pack!

Password: JRP2013

Jared Rubin
Burbank, CA


Happy Tuesday!  My name a Jeff Rojas and I’m inspired by vintage photos. I absolutely love Pinup photos but I wanted to shatter the conventional route and add a high fashion twist.  This has been the foundation of my work and what my clients love.  Photoflex has developed the products that allow me to do just that. Their LiteDisc has been an indispensable part of my kit since I started shooting.  Conquering natural light has not been easier!

Thank you for creating a great product!


Next to my cameras, my four Photoflex LitePanels are the single best investment I’ve made in my studio. They’re the most versatile tools I own, both in the studio and on location. It takes me less than five minutes to set up the frames. I use the reversible fabrics as reflectors and diffusers in many ways. For instance, on location they can be employed as a backdrop and reflectors and thus become a portable studio. Afterwards, they fold down quickly and fit into one lightweight, easy-to-carry bag, giving me the flexibility I need without excessive weight and size.

Wendy Folse
Owner, Folse Photography
Dogwood Terrace, Louisiana

Hot lights let me shape light better than strobes. I have four SilverDomes used with 1000-watt lamps. They are the backbone of my kit for softbox lighting. They’ve done more than yeoman’s duty over the past four years. I’ve used them for many long hours and they’re
still in good shape, giving me the results I want every time.

Warren Roos
Owner, Warren Roos Photography Inc.
Portland, Maine

Ninety-five percent of my light modifying is done with Photoflex. I beat the absolute bejesus out of the LiteDisc reflectors, using them everywhere from the rain forests of Borneo to my studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In short, their products are well built and last forever. Without them, my photographs wouldn’t look as good as they do.

Vincent Versace
Owner, Versace Natural Light Studio
Los Angeles and San Francisco

I want the photographic end result to be as beautiful as the fine art ceramic vessels I’m shooting for our website. So I use both extra-small and medium-size SilverDomes, and MultiDisc 5’n1 and LiteDisc reflectors. The photographs are so striking that now we’re marketing them as well as the ceramics. We’ve also added virtual reality software to take these perfectly lighted website images to the next level, showing the clay media in 360 degrees.

Tom Meeks
Webmaster, SculptedLight.com
Kensington, Maryland

The glamour-type videography I do for satellite and cable TV programs often takes me to Eastern European countries. I consider my two large Photoflex SilverDome nxt softboxes, 1000-watt Starlite 3200 tungsten lights, and LiteStands essential for lighting indoor scenes that will be captured with my digital video camera. The Starlite’s color temperature is just amazing for digital video. When used in the SilverDome, it provides a very vibrant yet soft and diffused light, producing high-quality, natural-looking images so true to life that clients think they’ve have been shot in a format like Betacam.

Tom Koveleskie
President, Alter Ego Productions
North Wales, Pennsylvania

Many locations in which I shoot endangered-species portraits are logistically hard to get to, such as steep, wet slopes with uncertain footing, and often in tight quarters. Great care must be taken as to where and how I make the photographs. The photo-technical package I use has proven to be a real workhorse, lightweight and compact, but also sturdy and reliable. It provides the exceptional amount of detail I want in my images, with the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing light conditions. With small Photoflex LightDome and extra-small SilverDome softboxes, I can literally shape the light to get the quality of light I want, adding to the natural light to capture even tiny detail such as the highlight in a damselfly eye. When I don’t need a softbox, silver/white and translucent Photoflex LiteDisc reflectors and its white satin umbrella with removable black cover enable me to use natural light very effectively.

Susan Middleton
Endangered-species photographer
San Francisco, California

LiteDomes are sort of like the Ford truck of lighting kits. They’re a real cost-effective workhorse. Mine have held up even though I’ve taken them all over for on-location shoots. They’re easy to use and work well with all lighting systems, changing quickly from soft, natural light to high contrast.

Sam Yocum
Owner, Yocum Studios
San Francisco, California

I’ve used Photoflex reflectors for many years in my work as a nature photographer. As Photo Contest Director for The Valley Land Fund, and as a resource and mentor for similar organizations, I also lead youth photo clinics that help young photographers learn how to capture interesting images of nature subjects. Photoflex provided me with 12-inch LiteDisc reflectors and the MultiDisc 5’n1 reflector system for a youth photo clinic given through the Bexar Land Trust. We made particularly good use of a gold reflector and a diffuser for natural-light close-ups of plants at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The kids really got into using the reflectors, and were eager to help each other.

Ruth Hoyt
Professional nature photographer
McAllen, Texas

Photoflex’s equipment is lightweight, portable, and sturdy-a small, easily transportable package that creates a more expensive look. On our documentary shoot in Europe, it got bounced around a lot of airport luggage areas and many different location shoots, and held up beautifully. The Starlite wasn’t hot on subjects, which made people more comfortable in interviews. It created a soft but dramatic light, and we didn’t lose all the eye candy in the background. Three years later the original lamps are still in the Starlites, and we use them all the time.

Russ Turner
Producer, Turner and Associates
Rancho Cordova, California

Steven Montalvo and I created Gold Mines In The Fields as a photographic biography of the men, women, and children who work long, hard hours in California’s San Joaquin Valley to produce food for millions of others. In making the large-sized photographs for the project’s museum exhibitions, both the Photoflex LitePanel and MultiDisc 5’n1 were really helpful, especially when shooting in the fields where we followed workers moving quickly up and down narrow rows of crops, and in farm labor camps where we could comfortably interview workers and family members. The Photoflex equipment enabled us to work in tight spaces and low lighting conditions without resorting to flash and the artificial, harsh light that could be distracting.

Reuben Serna
Photographer and community organizer
Sacramento/Stockton, California

The Starlite is lightweight, flexible, and easily operated. When turned to a set, it fills the dark points while keeping all high and low-light intensity dots. It’s very good as a fill light, adding halftones to the faces and softening the skin. It is one of the best lights we have used.

Paulo Karasek
Light designer, Sao Paulo Television
Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’ve used Photoflex products for as long as I can remember. I’m frequently on location, and we’re often tearing down and setting up five or six times a day, so the convenience of Photoflex softboxes stands out as a huge benefit. Their durability and quality are also important; I don’t want something going wrong in the middle of a shoot. And since I burn through a lot of equipment, I appreciate the fact that Photoflex makes very cost-effective products, like the 5-foot OctoDome that’s getting heavy use now in both my location and studio work.

Paul Markow
Owner, Markow Southwest
Phoenix, Arizona

For the last 14 years Photoflex has given me the light quality I desire.

Oscar Lozoya
Owner, Lozoya Studios
Albuquerque, New Mexico

When doing weddings and portraits, we find Photoflex LiteDisc reflectors invaluable both indoors and outdoors. They provide great catchlights and natural reflections, and the gold side of the 52-inch silver/gold reversible disc creates very nice warm tones. The LiteDisc reflectors are also exceptionally versatile. In addition to using the white side of our 42-inch white/silver as a backdrop for close-ups, they’re helpful for shading both the camera lens and our subjects. We also use them as fans to get babies’ attention, and since we’re located in the Arizona desert, they even come in handy as fans to cool the people we’re photographing.

Michele Hinz
Co-owner, Hinz Photographic
Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

We do a lot of on-location work, from single-person and group portraits to products. The MultiDome provides us with a lot of versatility and features at a very fair price. It travels well, with quick set up and tear down into a convenient size for transport. The MultiDome’s always color correct, with good venting, and interior reflectors that can be changed easily. Its set of louvers gives us a way to prevent the light from wrapping around, thus providing a more dramatic effect. And the silver/white LiteDisc is a fun tool to have on location, both for use with the MultiDome as a fill card, and by itself for available-light portraits.

Mary Merrick
Owner, Mary Merrick Photography
Oakland, California

I’ve been using the 4-Star Kit far more than anticipated, and both clients and I love what it can do. Because the softbox is so large, the quality of light is very soft and readily wraps itself around talent or product. Also, with the kit’s four single-ended 1K’s, I can easily vary the intensity while running off standard 15 or 20-amp service.

Marc Gurevitch
Director, Trigger Happy Productions
Lexington, Kentucky

In my digital studio work the hotlights are always on. I use the various Photoflex softboxes and striplights and find them easily adaptable and durable. One of the latest uses for the Photoflex DomeLites have been for attachment to Digital Virtual Reality cameras when photographing panoramic interiors. These have been great, lightweight source of soft light for cramped spaces such as jet cockpits and even small rooms where just a bit more illumination makes them sparkle.

Les Jorgensen
Owner, Jorgensen Photography, Inc.
New York City

Students in my recent Yosemite landscape photography workshop used Photoflex’s MultiDisc 5’n1 reflectors for everything from bouncing light into shadowed petals of wildflowers carpeting the Merced River Canyon hillsides, to adding warmth and detail to backlit dogwood blossoms in Yosemite Valley. They even used the reflectors as improvised umbrellas during intermittent rain showers! I was pleased to see them assist each other by positioning reflectors for their fellow students in particularly challenging lighting situations. And personally, I was especially impressed with the design, quality, and versatility of the MultiDisc, which appeals to my backpacker mentality of multiple uses for one item.

Keith Walklet
Owner, QuietWorks Photography
Boise, Idaho

For 10 years I’ve built a studio in the Nevada desert to photograph participants at the annual Burning Man festival. This year I used two Photoflex umbrellas and really appreciated the extra increase in light output. The 45-inch, silver-lined umbrellas provided about a full stop more light, with no bleed-through from the back of the umbrellas and a noticeable increase in contrast in my negatives. Positioning the light head at different distances to the umbrella surface allowed me to vary the light beam and control fall-off on the edges from none to about a half stop. Also, the umbrellas are very tough. At the end of the trip I just power-washed the dust off and returned them to use in my studio.

John Brennan
Owner, John Brennan Photography,
Santa Clara, California

Subjects such as busy executives feel comfortable when I arrive and set up for a shoot because all the Photoflex lighting products look and work so well together. They help me present a very professional image. I find the LiteDisc reflectors and the extra-large LiteDome essential for going on location. For example, the LiteDisc is great for reducing our blazing Arizona sunlight and putting a soft rim light around a subject, or for reflecting natural light back into the subject.

John Beckett
Owner, Beckett & Beckett Photography
Phoenix, Arizona

Light control is essential in creating superior photographic images, be they fine art, commercial or photojournalism. That’s why I’ve used Photoflex products for the past 14 years. For example, my series of studio nude abstractions rely on LitePanels behind the model to direct the light source and keep light from bouncing back onto the model’s torso. For my nudes-and-landscape outdoor expeditions at Lake Powell (Ariz.), I show students how to deal with a tremendous amount of reflection off rock formations and water, using gold and soft gold LiteDiscs as well as large LitePanels. And for a photojournalism project such as roping and branding cattle, I’ll have an assistant use a small silver LiteDisc to kick some light under the cowboy’s hat and light his face.

Jack Acrey,
Owner, Acrey's Photographics
Gallup, New Mexico

As a digital photographer who shoots high-end products in the studio, I know that the Starlite 3200 and SilverDome softbox system has proven superior to other tungsten lights. Since it doesn’t generate as much heat I can move it closer to the product and work with more light and power while retaining softness. I keep the Starlight on all the time when I’m focusing and working on the set, yet the bulb seems to last forever so it’s extremely cost-effective. Being so lightweight it’s easy to maneuver; I can put it up on a C-stand with no problems. It’s so versatile that sometimes I take out the diffusion material and use it as the main light along with two to four smaller lights.

Igor Purchuk
Owner, Image Source Productions
Brooklyn, New York

I have been developing a book of portraits of Los Angeles writers and poets. The only lighting equipment I’ve used is Photoflex, and I’ve achieved some phenomenal results. My primary has often been the MultiDisc 5’n1 set of reflectors, with a secondary LiteDisc reflector for fill. Many times I had less than an hour for photographing each subject, so the ability to quickly set up and strike was really important and the Photoflex gear was key in obtaining many of my shots. Since my subjects weren’t surrounded by a lot of lighting equipment, these reflectors also fit right in with my aim to create a relaxed and stress-free shooting situation.

Ibarionex Perello
Associate editor, Photography magazine
Los Angeles, California

Most of my assignments involve extensive travel for the fashion editorials I photograph. One tool I carry is Photoflex’s OctoDome softbox. In addition to producing beautiful wraparound light, its portability, low depth of measurement, and ease of setup/teardown provided by the Quick-Release Corners give me an excellent tool at an unbeatable price point. Photoflex’s MultiDisc 5’n1 reflectors are a truly brilliant invention, doing the job of five reflectors and thus enabling me to carry less equipment. Keeping travel weight down is also important, so once I get on location I fill Photoflex weight bags with water to help stabilize stands and counterbalance boom arms. Quite simply, these products allow me additional time to concentrate on the creative part of capturing an editorial story with a model, rather then the technical worry of producing it.

Guy Gilliand
Los Angeles, California

My work as a cameraman for CBS News requires fast, efficient, beautiful light for interview subjects and correspondents. My formula is a Photoflex 500-watt Starlite 3200 with a small SilverDome softbox and grid for the key, and a second of the same with a 200 for fill. I’ve tried every other light from Tota to Arri to Kinoflo for faces. Nothing beats the even, soft, and reflective quality of light from the Starlite/SilverDome. In addition, the quality of construction, ease of manipulation, and heat-sink conductivity of the housing make setup and breakdown fast, easy, and a pleasure. And with the bulb protector, the lamp packs perfectly into my kit. Thank you for making the best instrument for lighting a face.

Eric Teed
Cameraman, CBS News
New York City, New York

We do a lot of catalog and magazine work, lighting subjects from motorcycles to fine musical instruments under very critical conditions. Photoflex gives us the lighting tools that complement our craft, with results that look even better than real-world light. I appreciate the superior quality and consistent color balance of the Starlites. And Photoflex’s customer support system is great, taking support to the next level.

Drake Morton
Principal, Morton-Karr
Camarillo, California

Our digital-video crew must often work in historical spaces where inappropriate lighting could damage artifacts, sensitive grounds where the earth can’t be disturbed, children’s areas, and factory environments where interruptions could be dangerous or impact the flow of work. Photoflex’s ActionDome ENG camera-mounted softbox lets me focus the light front to back, and doesn’t fire a glare back into my face. I also use the FlexDrop2 backdrop because it’s very portable, and the shades of green and blue are perfect for our needs. The small, medium, and large SilverDome softboxes we use with the FlexDrop2 enable us to pull in a wide span of even, natural, balanced lighting with no need whatsoever for color correction. After all, a single shadow on the green screen and you’re dead meat.

Douglas Spotted Eagle
Managing producer, Sundance Media Group
Stockton, Utah

I recently put Photoflex’s OctoDome nxt softbox and Starlite QL tungsten light to the test when I had only nine hours to write, shoot, and edit a four-minute video for a local competition. They were a great combination-easy to set up, versatile, and effective at helping me create a variety of different looks.

Donald Harrison
Director of Membership & Business Relations, Film Arts Foundation
San Francisco, California

My mantra is it’s all about the lighting. I’ve found the Photoflex Starlite lighting system shows that to be true. When I’m shooting with mini DV cameras I go for a more organic look to give a film feel. The Starlite with 1000-watt lamp gives a beautiful, soft, natural look with a nice light falloff that makes video appear like film. When I shoot night scenes, I utilize the Photoflex WhiteDome softbox on a boom with Photoflex’s LiteStand to give me just the right amount of soft light to pop out my actors. The difficulty in shooting a night scene is to make it look natural. With side panels for the WhiteDome, I can control the light to fall where I want without casting shadows. Photoflex’s Starlite system, SilverDome and WhiteDome softboxes, LiteStand, and the easy to travel and pack Transpac Multi-Kit Case are versatile and lightweight. They comprise an essential tool in my lighting kit.

David Castillo
Cinematographer/Senior Technical Representative
Canon U.S.A., Inc., CIG, Video Division

A lot of photographers don’t realize the control they can achieve over light, background, and subject. When teaching my photography workshops in France and other countries, I show my students how to take full advantage of Photoflex LiteDisc reflectors. I find these reflectors indispensable, for they give my workshop participants the ability to add and control light, often saving the picture in difficult lighting situations. They’re also vital for my own professional work, especially the soft-gold LiteDisc reflectors. I never leave home without one!

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith
Owner, World Apart Photography
Bonnieux, France

I’ve taken Photoflex lighting products around the world, using them everywhere from air-conditioned corporate boardrooms to blinding snowstorms to searing desert heat. I spent six years based in Moscow, armed with a lighting kit that fit into a standard-sized King Pelican Case. The case was modified to include two Photoflex LiteStands, three medium LiteDomes, two LitePanels, an adjustable Photoflex umbrella, two power heads, and support cords. That kit’s been banged around airports and fallen off vehicles. Even when a LiteStand got driven over in Russia, I was able to patch it together and keep using it. In fact, I still use this kit constantly, complemented now by a large OctoDome3.

Chuck Nacke
San Jose, California

It wasn’t until 1997 that I purchased the Starlite and SilverDome. What a difference. I’m very impressed with the high quality of light, ease of set up and strike. The use of your lights has allowed me to increase the quality of my work.

Carl Schloetel
Videographer, Unlimited Media Productions
Westlake Village, California

If you want to purchase an effective and inexpensive blue or green screen, Photoflex makes one called FlexDrop2 that pops open to a 5x7-foot blue and green screen (it’s double-sided). It’s a great deal in price, and is light and portable so you can take it to the set or stage.

Bryan Michael Stoller
Studio City, California

Serious Magic considers Photoflex’s FlexDrop2 chroma-key backdrop an excellent complement to our ULTRA software for video producers. We recommend the reversible blue-green backdrop as our Instant Backdrop because it provides excellent control of background image with its matte-finish fabric. Unlike other portable backdrops, it prevents shoot-through and folds down to just a third of its 5- by 7-foot size. It’s an ideal solution for our customers, both in their studios and out in the field.

Brett Weshner
Director of Business Development, Serious Magic, Inc.
Folsom, California

I always use the SilverDome as a keylight and LiteDiscs for fill when videotaping interviews. They work together really well for me, providing the control of light that otherwise I just couldn’t achieve with a standard head. Photoflex gear is priced less, too. You get the same lighting effect at less than half the price of its competitors.

Bill Emberley
Owner, Edit One Productions
Alameda, California

As a former network news cameraperson (including ABC News), I’m very picky about the lighting equipment I use. I’ve been a fan of Photoflex softboxes since 1991. The lightweight, durable SilverDome Starlight combination provides beautiful light, stays cooler than other continuous lights, sets up and tears down easily, and offers high quality at significantly lower cost than competitors. The hands-on digital video courses I teach at the Digital Media Academy feature Photoflex lighting equipment that includes SilverDome softboxes and Starlight fixtures, plus Photoflex LitePanels, oval LiteDisc reflectors, and the MultiDisc 5’n1. The K-12 teachers I instruct are delighted to learn professional lighting techniques using equipment that even their limited budgets can afford, which produce beautiful light and are so easy to use that they and their students can use it successfully for video journalism classes, student video projects, and best practices videos.

Beth Corwin
Director, Digital Media Academy
Campbell, California

I have to do a shout-out… I’ve been keeping an eye on what other photographers use for lighting equipment. Especially photographers whose work I really like. I’m find out more and more that they use Photoflex products!

I did a lifestyle-shoot recently with a small Octodome in conjuction with a Canon 580EX II flash. The results were incredible. Plenty of light and great colors. I’m still surprised by how well it did. Really a matter of learning how to use the gear. In my near future, I see the addition of a XS Octodome and 2-large LiteDomes…

Thank you for the great products!

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Ricardo Gomez

As a pro adventure and travel photographer, I my primary concern with photography gear is that it will do the job without slowing me down. I also need it to withstand whatever inadvertent abuse that I’m likely inflict upon it when I’m banging around in the outdoors.

Photoflex equipment has served me well for over twenty years and it fits right in with my “fast with light” style of photography. The stuff is built with durable materials that I have yet to rip, tear or break, and it’s designed to be highly portable and usable in a variety of photography situations.

My main Photoflex go-to products these days include the incredibly powerful TritonFlash battery powered strobe, which gives me big light in all conditions, inside and out, fires in bursts of up to 7 frames per second, holds enough charge for hundreds of shots and packs up small enough to fit in my backpack. I’ve taken the TritonFlash on a number of outdoor action photo shoots in Alaska and it’s performed without fail, even in sub-zero temperatures.

I also love the OctoDome NXT Extra Small kit, which sets up in minutes, throws beautifully even and diffused light at close to medium range, and makes great looking catchlights. Equally impressive is how little room the entire kit takes up in your bag. It’s also built with such tough material that you’d have to really stomp on the thing to break it or tear the fabric. For a larger softbox, I usually turn to the versatile medium sized WhiteDome, which again, packs up reasonably small and creates huge light. It also has the added feature of removable side panels, which gives you the “Chinese lantern effect” for omnidirectional illumination.

Dan Bailey Photo

Dan Bailey

As a UK user of Photoflex products, they are not that easy to get hold of here but are certainly worth the effort. UK distributors are extremely helpful and eager to please though (thanks Ashley @UK Lightand Mike @Cirro Lite). My current main products are the Photoflex OctoDome whch has a ridiculous amount of usage on everything from portrait to product shoots. It’s easy to set up and has a variety of light contrast/temperature looks if required thanks to the different panels inside which are interchangeable/removable etc. My other favourite Photflex modifier is the workhorse XS LiteDome, which I use with a humble SB900 speedlight - but that combi has saved the day on many occasion. It even managed to light 12 world class DJ’s (individually of course) when I couldn’t pull out the big gun lighting with time running out (on this ‘Photo Professional’ magazine published composite shot ). Without a doubt I’m a solid fan and future investor in Photoflex products - Thanks guys!


I have been so pleased with my Photoflex products. It’s honestly the majority of the equipment I use in the studio and on-location. The products are reliable and the Photoflex team is STELLAR. I’ve always been about going “cheap” until I realized what real quality looked like. With Photoflex I can have quality AND affordable all at once! 5 stars across the board. Top notch products, top notch staff, top notch company. BAM!


I own a 3ft Small OctoDome…and LOVE it!
I honestly use it on 90% of my shoots, easily.
It is so versatile, as durable, and gives such a great light.
I also have the fabric grid for it as well, and it works very well in keeping the light in a more focused pattern, and less of a spread. Great for keeping the light off the floor, walls or backgrounds when just trying to light a small portion of your subject.
It’s one of my secret weapons…and I’m letting the cat out of the bag.

Matt Beard Photography

He usado los Productos PHOTOFLEX a lo largo de mi carrera y el resultado que me ofrece es tan alto como la exigencia de mis clientes y desde entonces no he dejado de usarlos también la empresa me ha prestado soporte a mis preguntas acerca de los productos que ofrecen de forma inmediata al igual que te hacen sentir parte de esta gran familia PHOTOFLEX.

Francisco Veliz

Since the StarLite projects no heat, it allows very comfortable work on news sets. We can use light make up and no retouches are necessary. We use it as frontal lighting mixed with fluorescent lights, and for backgrounds since it causes no undesired bright dots on the plain and bright materials that are always present on news sets.

Alessio Paggiaro, Engineer Manager Radio e TV Diario de Mogi Brazil

Photoflex offers a number of lighting products that I find invaluable for my film and video projects, and for showing the proper use of lighting in workshops I teach. The MovieDome softbox produces a very nice quality of light, with fast set up and tear down for when I need to move around quickly. The TransPac case is sturdy, adaptable, and transportable, carrying a lot of lighting equipment and accessories. In my workshops, students particularly like the WhiteDome nxt soft box for its soft, bright, and diffused light, especially in tight and dark areas. They also appreciate the Adjustable Video Connector because it fits a wide variety of soft boxes, and the MultiDisc 5’n1 reflectors due to their portability and the five reflective surfaces ranging from gold to translucent.

John C. Aliano
Adjunct Faculty for the Film Department at City College of San Francisco

We LOVE Photoflex! We have used their equipment for over 8 years now, and we are just so happy with the results we get using these lights. We love the way we can manipulate the lights and create beautiful boudoir images that flatter our clients in a way other lights can’t. Photoflex provides perfect lights for boudoir photographers!


I just came back from a shoot where we used six Photoflex Triton lights on location. We needed to travel portable and light, which was why I opted to go with the Tritons, so that I could have more lights, and fewer cases to manage, avoid heavy airline baggage fees, and work with small units that could fit in tight spaces. I was able to travel with 6 batteries, chargers, 4-heads, reflectors, speed rings, Flash Fire units, and grids all in one case, total weight, 50lbs. That is remarkable. We shot a full day using all the lights from 8am to 6:30pm with only a short break. From first test frame to last frame of the shoot we were amazed to find we'd only used 50% of the battery life on each and every unit! For the majority of the shoot we had four lights set to 1/1, with the others ranging from 1/16th - 1/2 power. Being accustomed to portable batteries throughout my career, getting so much out of such lightweight and versatile lights is a huge asset. Aside from the power and portability, since the lights come with an adjustable bracket, it's as easy to attach the heads to stands and extension arms as well as right to a Superclamp with a pin and still have the ability to adjust the angle of the head with ease. The Flash Fire transmitter/receiver units, which come with the TritonFlash Kit, are very workable and reliable, however I would have liked to see the transmitter have a screw on option to make sure in unusual positions it doesn’t fall off the camera. It didn’t happen, but I was concerned when shooting off a dock above the bay. As well, the receiver connects a bit awkwardly to the flash unit, and there’s nowhere to connect it to the unit, so it would be great if there were a connection post for it, or at the least a loop on the receiver to hang it on the adjustable bracket. The units have the ability to pack some punch, but overpowering the sun, without a scrim, for a group shot- which was what I shot, would have been tough to do. The short flash duration though is amazing. Taxing the lights at full power of course led to a slower recycle, but I actually found it was good with the group, as I had a second to scan all the subjects and get more usable frames. All in all, I love these units, I’ve been taking two with me on most shoots, at 300 w/s they are much more useful to me than a speedlight, but still lightweight enough to be handheld by an assistant when stands are not available.

Ian Spanier Photo


“PhotoFlex is everything a photographer wants, needs and ought to be. With these Photoflex lighting tools, as I call them, they make it extremely effective for me and my productions providing an extensive array of ways I can light my subjects & advertising sessions. Quality, construction and functionality are really important for me, That's why in my 20 plus year career I have relied on PhotoFlex products.” Fernando Escovar Fotographer.com Fotographer.TV