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Community Rules


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Hello and welcome to the Photoflex Lighting Community! Here at Photoflex our goal is to further the free flow of information for lighting and photography. We are firm in our belief that knowledge should be free.

But to keep the peace, here at the Photoflex Community we have have a few rules:

1) This is a hate free environment. No obscene language, racial slurs, denigration of any type, or vulgar attacks on any member. We’re all for free speech, but we aren’t sailors either. If you have something to say, keep it clean.

2) We are all Photoflex fans, but let’s keep things open. Don’t verbally attack or denigrate any company, regardless of industry. Mac or PC? At the Photoflex Community we can all get along.

3) Don’t spam! Spam includes nonsensical posts, double posting, and all other mindless gibber jabber. Have a specific question on whether or not something will be considered spam? Just ask. If spam is more than 90% of your posts, you will immediately be banned. We have a zero tolerance policy for hackers, spammers, ad bots, etc.

4) No foul language with symbols replacing letters.

5) Do not disrespect moderators. Be respectful in both the forums or any other communications.

6) Do not register more than one account. One username and one user per human being.

7) No blatant, unwarranted, unsolicited advertising for any company or organization. We all love certain products and that’s fine, it’s just not acceptable to spam ads.

8) No posting of copyrighted material. Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the message boards without the expressed consent of the owner. PLS is not responsible for any images posted. Posting of copyrighted images is only permissible if the image is being posted for educational purposes. Please give credit where credit is due. Enforcement of this rule is at the discretion of the moderation/administration team.

9) No thread hijacking. This is the act of attempting to take the subject of a thread off topic by posting a subject matter completely unrelated to the subject at hand.

10) This is not a marketplace. Do not buy or sell on this community. If you are interested in purchasing anything from Photoflex, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us at 800.486.2674, 8 AM - 5 PM PST Monday through Friday.

If any of the above rules are broken by a user, the following actions can and will be taken:
1st strike- User will be warned.
2nd strike- User will be warned again and given a 1 week suspension.
3rd strike- User and IP address will be permanently banned.

Have a question on any rules? Comment below and we’ll get back to you.



Photoflex Administrator