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Could I use a speedlight with your HalfDome?


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Yes! Photoflex recently upgraded the classic Adjustable Shoe Mount Adapter so that it could work with our heavy duty metal connector ring, which will easily support the HalfDome. Just use the larger thread size of the brass stud which comes with the Adjustable Shoe Mount adapter & connect it to the threaded 5/8 inch hole of the connector ring. Be sure to choose the threaded hole which gives even spacing between rods, so the box is parallel to the ground. Since the HalfDome has two levels of diffusion, it works nicely with your speedlight, especially when your speedlight is set for the widest angle or a dome diffuser is placed over it. The parts needed are:
Adjustable Shoe Mount 2
Basic Metal OctoConnector
Heavy Duty Swivel
HalfDome Small