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Using a soft box with a Q-Flash or Lumedyne Flash


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Subject: Q flash & softbox question

I have a Quantum T5d-R Q Flash & would like to use it with my Octodome NXT kit. I know you have a special connector for the flash and I would need to purchase that if I want to use the flash bare bulb but I want to use it with the reflector on the flash. It will fit into the softbox with the standard ring I now have. I just can’t mount it securely on the bracket.
The most efficient way to use the flash in a soft box is to use a bare bulb, which hits the side walls to fully and evenly illuminate the soft box, which is why we would recommend the Connector ring, which comes with a swivel adapter to pop it right on a light stand. This is how I use it and I keep the brass stud from the swivel permanently connected to the speedring. Then I just pop the flash into the connector in the same way the reflector is mounted & let it hang off the back of the connector, while it is on a light stand. That way it easily stores in my camera bag.

However, if you prefer to use it as you mentioned, you can get the Adjustable Shoe mount Hardware (which would also attach to a swivel before putting it on a light stand). I think your flash has a threaded opening on the bottom, rather than a shoe mount, so you would just need to get a bolt and some washers from the hardware store to mount it on the rail of the adjustable hardware, and not use the shoe mounts that come with it.  If you took the assembly to a local hardware store, they would easily find the correct parts for you (use washers as spacers to be sure the bolt does not screw too far into the flash base).
It makes sense to use it if only for the increased illumination of the bare bulb. But I don’t understand how the light SAFELY hangs off the assembly. Could you please send a photo of the assembled light with softbox?
We will soon have a photo of this available on the connector page for the SC-B9040PR, but most flash units actually hold the soft box with the same mount that holds the reflector. Some people still do this with the Lumedyne & Quantum, which use the same style of connector. We recommend not trusting the Quantum or Lumedyne connection, as they are not designed for larger soft boxes. For the small size you mention, people have not had a problem as long as they properly tighten the reflector mount screw.
Using the Swivel as I recommended is just more security. Then the only weight on the quantum flash is the flash itself, which is what I meant about the hanging off the back. This amount of weight is negligible & should not be a problem.

If you already own the shoe mount bracket and basic connector, you may prefer to just get a bolt and washer to hook it up to that, as it would also work fine. You could still slide the Quantum close to the connector & use just the bare bulb.

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