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Octagonal Shaped Softbox Questions?


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In this Slanted Lens lesson we are going to take an in-depth look at 8 sided softboxes or OctoDomes. Each manufacturer has its own name; Octobox, OctaBox, Octa softbox, Octa Bank, or OctoDomes. I used Photoflex OctoDomes to make all of the comparisons and demonstrations for this video so that will be our reference point PHOTOFLEX. I wanted to explore what makes an OctoDome different from a softBox. What is the area of coverage and quality of light. We put them through the riggers to answer these questions and ended the lesson with a few simple 2 light set-ups using OctoDomes. I gained a better understanding about their place in my lighting arsenal and when they are better to use than softboxes. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on click-in!

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