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What size soft boxes can I use with my shoe mount flash? 


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By using our new Adjustable Shoe Mount hardware (AC-B222SM) combined with the Basic Metal OctConnector (SC-B900SC,) any of our softboxes could be connected to your shoe flash. The weight of the softbox is supported by connecting the Basic Metal OctoConnector to our Heavy Duty Swivel or Multiclamp, which is then mounted on a LiteStand. We do not suggest larger than a medium sized softbox. With our new connector, it is now possible to use HalfDomes with your shoe flash. Go to the shoe flash kits page on our web site & first review the kits to see if there is one that already has all you need. You can see the components used and customize your own kit with the softbox you prefer. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)