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I am in need of a shooting enclosure that is good for glass picture framed art. What is your suggestion? 


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To photograph a glass covered picture, you need two lights from each side at about 45 degree angles. The lights do not and should not be too close to the subject. In this way there will be uniform exposure over the artwork.
A shooting enclosure would be a nightmare.
The lens of your camera needs to be parallel to the artwork.
Unless you have a camera that has a lens shift function, like a view camera, your camera will reflect off the glass. Therefore, it is best to use a telephoto or slightly telephoto lens & cut a hole in black artboard or black felt like material, so just the lens pokes through, to minimize any camera reflection and block any light or reflective material from appearing in the glass, as it will act like a mirror.
A simple lighting kit like the first Studio kit would be fine, and you would not need to use the umbrellas for this application, just the light heads. Then at another time, you could use the umbrellas for a portrait or similar.