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Do you have reflectors or umbrellas designed with holes in them to better manage the wind?


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Wind is a notorious hassle for photographers. Not only for equipment, but for the hair on the talent or messing up a set etc.
We do not manufacture products with wind perforations, as the minimum lot size required to manufacture would be much more than the demand. Our LitePanels were designed by a sailor who was familiar with the problems of wind. This is why we do not Velcro the panel all the way around the frame, but rather use elastic straps only at the corners, to allow more of the wind to pass. Perforated material does not last as long & would ruin reflections in many applications, which is why they are not popular in this field. An umbrella by its shape is a disaster waiting to happen on a windy day, which is why most pros opt for the SoftBox design. You could try cutting your own perforations, but I think you will still experience the problem and the equipment life will be shortened due to the cutting of the fabric.
An alternative idea for a larger light source outdoors is the OctoDome design. It naturally cuts the wind. Another tool is a weight bag. Our Rock steady bags can be filled with a variety of substance, including just placing 3-4 water bottles in each side pouch. They stick out a little, but make an easy portable solution. Just drape some weight bags over the LiteStand legs. If you are in a field, some pros carry pairs of tent stakes tied together with rope or bungee material, which they wrap a few times around lower sections of the LiteStand and hammer the stakes into the ground.