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What is the difference between the two connectors SC-B9002BR and SC-B9005PBR? I am lloking for one to work with my Paul Buff Alien Bees strobe.


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When we had the square connector rings (prior to the 8 sided OctoDomes,) the connector ring would rub against the Balcar head, making it a tight fit, so the connector was mounted to the opposite side of the ring, giving it more clearance for Balcar, and thus requiring a new connector ring name. When we came out with the eight sided SoftBoxes, the ring was not as thick, so the problem no longer existed, but the fix to the old problem stayed. Now we have two connectors doing the same thing.
So the SC-B9005PBR is the one designed for your unit. The other would do just as well. I suspect that when stock runs out the other will fade away…But maybe it would be fun to keep it in the line just to keep us all on our toes.