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Can I use your shoe flash kits and my SB-900 with my built in Nikon Commander mode?


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For our shoe flash kits, the shoe mounts are attached to a rail on the AC-B222SM adjustable shoe mount hardware: The rail system was designed so photographers using this system on a camera bracket, could quickly remove the SoftBox for distance shots where more power was needed and soft light not necessary. In your case, if you find the Nikon sensor is not picking up the signal, just remove the shoe mount from the rail (notice the 2nd shoe mount is not necessary unless you are using a shoe mount radio remote like pocket wizard). Then Re-attach the shoe mount on top of the rail by using a bolt and washers & likely a lock washer. In this fashion, you can then twist the flash body to point the sensor directly at your camera, then twist the top half of your flash back into the SoftBox. Just take the AC-B222SM with you to the hardware store to get the right parts. Many pros prefer not to use the built in camera system infrared remote because it requires a line of sight and is not as dependable as radio remotes which spread their signal everywhere. So you may want to try it first with your built in system & if it is too much trouble, later you could add the wireless triggers. For a little more money, you could purchase the Pocket Wizard TTL remote system designed for the Nikon.


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Photoflex Norm,

I would like to offer a counter opinion concerning your statement that, ” Many pros prefer not to use the built in camera system infrared remote . . .”

Until Pocket Wizard (and Phottix) manage to get the bugs out of their TTL enabled wireless triggers; Nikon’s CLS system will still be the best way to remotely control multiple speedlights in TTL mode.

I for one have never had any problems using SB-910’s and SB-700’s with the Photoflex Small LiteDome Deluxe Kit.

Using either a speedlight or an SU-800 will give much better reliability than using the cameras built in commander mode . . . however I have not had issues using the Small LiteDome and the built in flash on a D200.

Just make sure that the SB’s sensor window is either looking directly towards the commander or towards a white wall or reflective surface. Mount the SB onto the rail facing backwards and swivel the head around 180 degrees if it will give you better reception.