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Video Studio Questions


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I am in the early stages of setting up a more permanent lighting setup at my current job’s studio area.

The area is a large, carpeted conference room. Around 1/3 is devoted to to video production.

It’s an education company, and the main layout is a large, wall-mounted, magnetic whiteboard in the center of the room. Ideally we would like to make this mobile for more lighting options, etc.

For lighting we have 3x StarLights with Medium softboxes. We are looking into adding a Constellation 3 as the key light with larger soft box.

Typically one light is the to left as a backlight, one light is to the right as a fill light, and one light is up as high as it can go as the key. It’s high up to reduce the shadows of the objects on the whiteboard.

We film educational training videos with this setup, as well as live-streaming sessions, and would like to remove as much clutter as we can from the floor.

Our video equipment:
Panasonic HMC150
Canon EOS cameras (T3i, 60D, 7D)
Canon GL-2 (for streaming at the moment)


1. I’m looking for recommendations for mounting the Photoflex lights (StarLight and Constellation 3). It’s a drop ceiling, so we are currently testing some scissor clamps. We are also looking into trussing options.

2. Whiteboard Lighting. Has anyone had any experience lighting a whiteboard? It’s hard to light a whiteboard without shadows from the objects on the board and hot spots from the light. Any ideas?

Note: I will post accurate dimensions of the room soon. But I’m thinking it’s around 15-20’ high, and plenty of horizontal space.