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How large of a soft box can I use with my shoe flash and the Adjustable Shoe Mount Hardware?


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The Adjustable Shoe mount hardware 2, when used with a metal OctoConnector would work fine with any of our soft boxes, including the 7’ OctoDome. However, unless the shoe flash has bare bulb ability, it will not provide enough edge to edge illumination to make it worth it. I have tested our 5’ OctoDome with a Nikon shoe flash with a dome over it to create a similar bare bulb effect (which professional strobes use in soft boxes). The result was very good and I was able to get about f5.6 at around 5’ at ISO 400.
Since the Adjustable Shoe Mount 2 is mounted directly under the OctoConnector to the swivel on your light stand, there is no stress on the bracket that holds your shoe flash, as all the stress is at the swivel. The design of the new Adjustable Shoe Mount 2 forces the user to mount the bracket to the connector with the stud, which was the primary change in this product from earlier versions. The metal is also a little thicker.
our older version of the Adjustable Shoe Mount Hardware, which would allow the user to attach it to a swivel on a light stand directly under one of the shoe mounts. In the old days of film, much higher flash power was needed, so no one would even think of using a shoe flash with the size soft boxes people are able to use today. So the design change for the Adjustable Shoe Mount 2 was to facilitate the larger soft boxes.