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Can I use a CoolStar 150 with an extra small Oxtodome NXT?


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I am looking at filling in our studio lighting kit with a couple of StarLites with extra small OctoDome NXTs and I would like to use the CoolStar lamps with them. Is that possible?

I already have two Constellation3s with an extra large softbox and a White dome. We love using the CoolStar CF bulbs as they don’t produce a ton of heat and they don’t trip breakers. Having a couple of small octodomes would let us use them as spots (without the diffusion panels) or as small softboxes.


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The CoolStar is a very large bulb and will stick out past the front diffusion face. It requires our medium size or larger domes. If you want to use a fluorescent with smaller domes using our StarLite fixture, we have an adapter to convert your mogul base socket to an edison base.
It is the StarLite Socket Adapter (E-27) SKU: FV-SKT.