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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Constellation®3 SilverDome® Kits

Lighting Equipment

The Constellation®3 Large SilverDome® Kit features Photoflex's new Constellation3 light head which holds up to three fluorescent or halogen bulbs for maximum continuous lighting power, a large heat-resistant SilverDome nxt soft box (34 x 45-inch), one heavy-duty 12-foot LiteStand, three CoolStar™ 150w CFL bulbs (each with its own carrying case), three StarLite® 1000w halogen bulbs, and one TransPac™ DualKit Case.

The Constellation3 Medium SilverDome Kit features Photoflex's brand new Constellation3 light head which holds up to three fluorescent or halogen bulbs for maximum continuous lighting power, a medium heat-resistant SilverDome nxt soft box (24 x 32-inch), one heavy-duty 12-foot LiteStand, three CoolStar 150w CFL bulbs (each with its own carrying case), one StarLite 1000w and two 500w halogen bulbs, and one TransPac DualKit Case.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Soft Box Connector
  •     Power Switches
  •     Light Sockets
  •     Compatible Bulbs
  •     Compatible Soft Boxes
  •     LiteStand
  •     Constellation3 TransPac
  •     CoolStar TransPac
  •     TransPac DualKit Case with wheels

Equipment Used:


  •     Lexar 1GB CompactFlash Card
  •     Manfrotto 3036 Tripod
  •     Manfrotto 3039 Camera Head

The Constellation3 has an integrated OctoConnector for ease of use with our entire line of continuous lighting soft boxes.

Figure 1

The Constellation3 head features three sockets that can be individually switched on to give you maximum control over the power of your lights. You can utilize 150 to 450 watts of cool, long life fluorescent light with the CoolStar 150 lamps or 500 to 3000 watts of halogen lighting using our 500w or 1000w tungsten balanced halogen bulbs. One power cord can supply power for two sockets; two power cords supply full power to all three sockets.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

The Constellation3 features a porcelain flange around each socket to reduce the risk of electrocution. The Constellation3 also comes with three socket protectors that extend the life of your light by protecting against any foreign debris getting into the sockets when they are not in use.

Figure 5

Figure 6

The Constellation3 will accept our CoolStar CFL lamps (daylight-balanced), our StarLite lamps (tungsten-balanced), or our Bi-Pin Adapter for ceramic based, 2 pin G9.5 lamps.

Figure 7

While other manufacturers are producing different lights for different light modification needs, the Constellation3 provides the one light source that can easily be adapted for different needs. Our Constellation3 is compatible with our OctoDome® nxt, HalfDome™ nxt, SilverDome® nxt, and WhiteDome™ nxt light modifiers.[See figure 7 Above]

The OctoDome nxt has a narrower profile and wider angle of light dispersion then a standard soft box and has more wrap around when moved in close to your subject.

The HalfDome nxt is a long narrow soft box for vertical or horizontal lighting. It is perfect for the product photographer who needs narrow highlights. Portrait photographers also love the HalfDome nxt because of its extraordinary capability as a hair light and narrow fill light.

The SilverDome nxt is a rectangular soft box that gives you the ability to position it vertically or horizontally to control the angle of light for people or product photography.

The WhiteDome nxt is one of our most versatile soft boxes. The sides are removable to create a big soft light source. Adding one or more sides onto the WhiteDome nxt enables the photographer/videographer to control light onto the subject and eliminate unwanted reflections.

Each Constellation3 Kit comes with an all-aluminum 12' LiteStand. It features an extra wide base for stability, solid aluminum collars with key-type fasteners for safety and durability along with leg struts that bolt together instead using rivets.

Figure 8

Each Constellation3 comes in its very own durable and rigid carrying case for maximum protection in transport and storage.

Figure 9

Every CoolStar 150w bulb comes in a Photoflex TransPac CruzTube rigid carry case. It weighs in at 3 lbs. and features soft material on the inside of the case as well as a removable top liner in the case.

Figure 10

The TransPac DualKit Case has an extra heavy-duty nylon exterior with a 1/2-inch thick PVC internal frame. This design produces a lightweight, yet durable semi-hard case that rolls smoothly on inline skate wheels. The internal dividers are completely removable and adjustable so that you can get a completely custom fit for future equipment.

Figure 11

Lighting Equipment

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