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Saturday, July 07, 2012

MovieDome Spotlight

Lighting Equipment

The Photoflex MovieDome soft box is designed for movie and video production when high output / high heat light fixtures are required. The MovieDome features Photoflex’s proprietary Kilnstone™ fabric, which is an exceptionally heat resistant oxidized industrial grade fabric. The MovieDome accommodates (depending on softbox size) Fresnel, PAR, HMI or Tungsten fixtures up to 10,000 watts. Because PAR and Fresnel lights were not developed with soft boxes in mind they make soft lighting a challenge; Photoflex has optimized the MovieDome line to take best advantage of these lights, transforming very directional, hard light into super soft controllable flattering light.

The diffusion face and interior baffle are each easily removed, allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast without changing your setup. Now the MovieDome comes standard with 1-stop, ½-stop and ¼-stop diffusion faces to provide the widest range of soft light options. MovieDome soft boxes feature a wide rear cowling system which accommodates light fixtures from 5” up to 16 ¾”. Two uniquely designed adjustable connectors 5-9” & 9-16 ¾” make switching lights a snap and are great for location work when renting lights is a regular necessity, making the MovieDome and adjustable connector the perfect choice for the grip, gaffer or videographer.

Professional 40-degree soft grids are available for the MovieDome Medium and Large giving you greater control over light direction and ease of use.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Available Sizes
  •     Silver Interior
  •     Kilnstone Fabric
  •     Removable Face and Baffle
  •     Diffusion Fabrics
  •     Grids
  •     Quick Release Corners
  •     Suspension Loops
  •     Heat Vents
  •     Rear Cowling
  •     Adjustable Connector
  •     Support Rods
  •     Rod Extenders
  •     Carry Bag

Available Sizes

Three sizes to choose from; Medium (24x32x22"), Large (36x48x29"), & Extra Large (54x72x38”) to accommodate any size job from music video to Hollywood movies.

Figure 1

Silver Interior Walls

Provide you with maximum light efficiency. [figure 2]

Figure 2

Kilnstone™ Fabric

Kilnstone™ Proprietary oxidized industrial grade fabric - will withstand up to 10,000 watts without burning but is 50% lighter than the standard film & video soft boxes. [figure 3]

Figure 3

Removable Face and Baffle

The removable face and baffle allow you to adjust the soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast depending on your shot. Utilizing the MovieDome's 3” deep Velcro® mouth you can attach a variety of accessories. [figures 4 and 5]

Figure 4

Figure 5

Included Diffusion Fabrics

With your needs in mind, Photoflex now offers full, ½ and ¼-stop diffusion materials with the Medium and Large MovieDome soft boxes all in one.Many other brands don’t include this accessory, forcing an additional purchase. This gives you greater control over the softness of your light and more control of your lights intensity. [figures 6 and 7]

Figure 6

Figure 7


Professional 40-degree soft grids - sold separately - are available for the Medium and Large MovieDomes (as well as for a variety of other Photoflex soft boxes) giving you greater control over light direction and enhancement and ease of use. [figure 8]

Figure 8

Quick Release Corners (QRC)

This patented design creates stronger corners and makes setting up and tearing down quicker and easier by releasing the stress on the supporting rods that can make many other soft boxes difficult to assemble and disassemble. [figure 9]

Figure 9

Suspension Loops

Suspension loops on all four corners of the MovieDome allow you to suspend the soft box without a LiteStands. This is a huge space saver especially when you have minimal floor space. [figure 10]

Figure 10

Heat Vents

Velcro vents on all sides of the MovieDome open to provide convection cooling which keeps the soft box and lights cooler. They have two "venting modes"; tented to allow heat to escape, but keep light in and wide open for maximum heat dissipation. [figures 11 and 12]

Figure 11

Figure 12

Rear Cowling & Adjustable Connectors

Ideal for Fresnel, PAR, HMI, and open-faced lights – the best choice for the largest & hottest lights you may require. Wide rear cowling system - accommodates light fixtures from 5” up to 16 ¾”. Photoflex offers two adjustable connectors VC-ADJUST2MB 5-9” & VC-ADJUST3LB 9-16 ¾” make switching lights a snap and are great for location work when renting lights is a regular necessity, sold separately. [figures 13 and 14]

Figure 13

Figure 14

Support Rods

Aluminum-tipped steel support rods - offer strength and durability with great flexibility. [figure 15] X-Large MovieDome has two-piece shock-corded, high-quality arrow shaft rods. [figure 16]

Figure 15

Figure 16

Rod Extenders

The MovieDome includes rod extenders to allow for use with small lamp fixtures from 5 - 10” [figures 17 and 18]

Figure 17

Figure 18

Carry Bag

The Photoflex MovieDome comes with its own carry bag that allows you to store your soft box compactly and makes it easy to transport onto location or store in your studio. [figure 19]


Figure 19


Lighting Equipment


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