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Monday, July 02, 2012

StarFire™ & FlashFire™: Product Highlights

Amidst what is quickly becoming a ShoeMount revolution in the photography industry, Photoflex® has taken steps to emerge as the top contender with it's StarFire™ and FlashFire™ wireless kits.

As the leader in photographic lighting, Photoflex® has maintained superiority by not only introducing an easy to use conventional ShoeMount flash, but also building them into kits that create a sense of portability along with professional results unlike any other product on the market.

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Topics Covered:

  •     StarFire™
  •     Power Levels & Settings
  •     FlashFire™
  •     Capabilities
  •     Building Kits


The StarFire™ is an affordable and reliable ShoeMount flash unit that provides you with what is becoming an increasingly popular means of lighting your subjects in a portable and lightweight way, without sacrificing quality. With the StarFire™ digital flash you can easily power most any setup in studio or on location. [figure 1]

Figure 1

Power & Settings

With a guide number of 80 and power levels in 1/7 stop increments, you can make fine adjustments to the StarFire™ that precisely match your setups. As well as precision tuning, the StarFire™ has three flash modes that allow infrared and wireless triggering of each unit. [figure 2]

Let's take a closer look at the Slave Modes. When it comes to getting your flashes to fire consistently and without fail, you need to make sure you have the right settings for your particular setup. This is where the StarFire™ modes come in:

  • M or Manual: This mode is used for manually firing the flash with a wireless trigger, such as the Photoflex® FlashFire™:wireless system
  • S1 or Slave 1: This mode is used for firing your flash with the infared sensor located on the front of your flash unit. This will fire your flash based on a light reading when another strobe/flash fires.
  • S2 or Slave 2: An interesting feature, Slave 2 has been designed to work specifically when you are using at TTL flash to trigger the StarFire™. If you wish to use the StarFire™ as a supporting flash while using at TTL flash to trigger the StarFire™, you must have it set to S2, though keep in mind the StarFire™ is not automatic and will fire at the power level set directly on the flash.

Figure 2

The StarFire™ has a built-in diffuser and reflector. With these built-in options, you can quickly modify your lighting without accompanying hardware.[figure 3]

The StarFire™ can be used on and off camera. To get the most out of your StarFire™, coupling it with the Photoflex® FlashFire™ allows you to use the StarFire™ in Photoflex® SoftBoxes, with the Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware, the DualFlash, and other options. Lets take a look at the FlashFire™ and how it can help you achieve the results you desire.

Figure 3


The FlashFire™ wireless kit is a compact wireless system that allows remote triggering of both ShoeMount flashes and studio strobe units. With a 2.4GHz frequency and 16 channels, it is possible to have multiple setups and move from one to another almost seamlessly. [figure 4]

Figure 4


The FlashFire™ has built in HotShoe capabilities, making it ideal for both on and off camera. If your camera doesn't have the option to connect via a HotShoe, there are several cable options available with the FlashFire™ that still allow for you to ditch the wires. Using any pc connection cable you can turn your camera into a wireless triggering machine. [figures 5 - 7]

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Included in the FlashFire™ wireless kit is a proprietary 1/4 inch phono cable which allows you to connect to any studio strobe that accepts the 1/4 inch cable. We have also included an adapter to get you all the way down to mini-jack if your strobe doesn't use a phono port. [figures 8 - 10]

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Photoflex® believes that if something is your passion, like photography, you should try and foster that passion. For this reason, Photoflex® is leading the way in photographic lighting kits that help make the lives of photographers easier so they can focus more on what they love rather than fighting with faulty equipment. When using the StarFire™ and FlashFire™ Photoflex® has created several kits to meet all your needs, from the Starfire™ to the StarFlash® there is something for every situation.

Lets take a look at some of the components of the Photoflex® line of kits.

Accessory Hardware

The ShoeMount Hardware and DualFlash Adapter included in certain kits are the heart behind our ShoeMount kits, and are designed to bring you further into the ShoeMount revolution by providing you the ability to add more accessories to your "tool box".

With the sturdy all-aluminum design of the ShoeMount Hardware and DualFlash Adapter, you can hold up to four ShoeMount units or any combination of flashes and wireless receivers. Make sure to experiment with different setups to find the one that is right for you! [figure 11 & 12]

Figure 11

Figure 12

SoftBox Options

When it comes to lighting accessories, Photoflex® excels. Use a SoftBox with our ShoeMount Hardware or DualFlash Adapter and you will find that the options that are suddenly available to you really start to go beyond what you once thought unimaginable.

It is possible to use the StarFire™ and FlashFire™ with a variety of SoftBoxes to achieve different lighting scenarios, such as the Photoflex® LiteDome® ranging in size from extra small to medium, the OctoDome® or HalfDome® and even a few Umbrellas if you feel so inclined.

The sheer array of the Photoflex® kits provides you with the versatility to perform your best even in the most strenuous of situations. [figure 13 & 14]

Figure 13

Figure 14

Photoflex® LiteStands

Photoflex® LiteStands have been engineered to carry more weight and have better stability than the competition. Our LiteStands are built with a wider foot print that only increases as you move up in size, giving you added stability and strength. [figures 15 & 16]

Check out our LiteStand lesson for this and many more features of the Photoflex® LiteStands.

Figure 15

Figure 16


The Transpac® GigBag® is one of the most convenient cary cases made by photoflex®.

The Photoflex® GigBag® is made with a rigid corrugated polymer lining. The material for the TransPac® was designed to bring you the most rugged case for your lighting gear. [figure 17]

Figure 17


The GigBag® was designed to give you maximum comfort while still providing spaciousness and safety for your gear. The Durable Handle allows you a quick and comfortable grip when on the go. The double sewn D-ring gives you the option of a shoulder strap leaving your hands free for other more important tasks.

The Padded Insert allows you to separate your more precious gear from any damaging effects. And Finally, the high impact polymer skid plates on the bottom of the GigBag® protect your case and gear from unnecessary wear. All of this providing you the best from Photoflex®. [figures 18 - 21]

Figure 18

Figure 19

Figure 20

Figure 21

Photoflex® Warranties

With the best warranties in the industry, Photoflex® stands behind its products 100% from manufacturer defects.

We encourage you to research and compare our warranties to those of other manufacturers. When you discover that Photoflex® warranties are two to five times longer than anyone else, then it becomes clear that Photoflex® is the wiser investment. [figures 22 - 24]

(To learn more abut the Warranty on all the Photoflex® products click here.)

Figure 22

Figure 23

Figure 24


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Good day,
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I am,struggling to sync my transmitter and receiver of my flash kit which I recently purchased
Can you please help me
I have bought all the batteries and mounted them all.
But the trigger and the receiver do not correspond.


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