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Monday, July 09, 2012

The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit

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Photoflex’s First Studio product line includes a variety of economical entry-level lighting equipment. The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit is best choice for utilizing backdrops in your studio. This lightweight kit includes two stands and a telescoping support pole all in a specialized carry bag designed just for this kit.

The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit sets up in seconds and requires no tools as many competitors' background support kits do. Its stability and ease of use will make this a favorite tool in your lineup of photo studio gear.

Our lineup of BackDrops, available in five styles, work perfectly with this kit. This kit will provide many years of reliable service.

This lesson shows the features of this product close up.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Features of the Support Stands
  •     Setting Up the Stands
  •     Features of the BackDrop Pole
  •     Setting Up the Pole

To get started we set up the backdrop support stands. These are specially designed, 3-section lightweight stands with a very wide footprint for added stability with any 9-foot seamless or with any of our 10x12 foot muslin backdrops. [figure 1]

Figure 1

Stand Features

Starting at the top, the 5/8-inch stud on the backdrop stand allows you to use it as a light stand when it’s not holding up your backgrounds. [figure 2]

Figure 2

All of the collars are made of strong, yet lightweight plastic featuring wheel-style knobs for an easy comfortable grip. Each riser section is spring cushioned protecting your fingers from pinching when you’re using heavy backgrounds. [figure 3]

The leg collars are made of the same high-impact material and all of the leg connections and supports are bolted not riveted, allowing replacement of the parts when needed. [figure 4]

Figure 3

Figure 4

The wide footprint of the backdrop stand makes it very stable and will not require sand bags with 10x12 drops or 9-foot seamless backgrounds. [figure 5]

Figure 5

Setting Up the Stand

The first step is to loosen the securing knob on the top of the leg collar. [figure 6]

Next, while pulling out the legs, slide the top leg collar down toward the floor. [figure 7]

Figure 6

Figure 7

When the leg braces are parallel with the floor the stand is set up properly. Secure the top leg collar in place with the knob. [figures 8 and 9]

Figure 8

Figure 9

To raise and lower the stands, loosen the knob below the section you wish to adjust and then set the section to the desired position and then re-secure the knob. [figure 10]

Figure 10

Now repeat this process with the second stand setting at the same height as the first. Then set the two stands to the approximate distance apart as the width of your background.

Our BackDrop Pole has a minimum length of 55 ½ inches and fully extended measures 12 feet, 6 inches. [figure 11]

Figure 11

The extension end of the pole features a freely rotating end that makes placing on the stand a snap. [figure 12]

Figure 12

The non-extension end features a fixed connector that when locked down makes the entire assembly rock solid. [figure 13]

Figure 13

The horizontal BackDrop Pole is a three-section telescopic pole that is designed with a twist lock feature that extends to 12 feet, 6 inches. This means there is no hex key required for constructing and breaking down of the support pole. [figure 14]

Figure 14

Setting Up the Pole

To set the length of the pole, twist the extension sections counter clockwise until they move freely. [figure 15]

Figure 15

Place the fixed end of the pole on one of the stands. The fixed end of the pole is the end that does not extend or rotate. Then secure the pole to the stand with the locking knob. [figure 16]

Gently pull out the free end of the pole until it reaches the other stand and then secure the pole to the second stand. [figure 17]

Figure 16

Figure 17

To set the pole, twist the two free extension sections clockwise. The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit is ready for your seamless or one of our muslin backdrops. [figure 18]

Figure 18

The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit comes in a great carrying case that holds all the kit parts. This carry bag uses Velcro® closures and has a side pocket. [figures 19 and 20]

Figure 19

Figure 20

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I think this’s a creative design of camera pole kit! Good post!

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