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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The StarLite® QL: Discover the Benefits

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The StarLite® QL is an extruded all-aluminum light fixture designed for photography and videography. The StarLite® was the world's first lighting system designed specifically for the emerging digital imaging market.

Being the world leader in lighting design technology, Photoflex® applied years of SoftBox expertise in a revolutionary combination of an omni-directional light fixture and newly designed SoftBox. The result was the StarLite® lighting system, which rapidly became the lighting standard for the digital video & still capture applications.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Features
  •     Compatible SoftBoxes
  •     Compatible Lamps

The Housing

The StarLite® housing is made from solid extruded aluminum. This creates a superior strength for the unit making it top of the line. The StarLite® has a unique design that allows it to quickly dissipate heat, making it one of the safest lighting solutions on the market. [figure 1]

Figure 1

The StarLite® QL features a mogul base flanged porcelain socket that provides a deeper inset of the lamp base for added security, electrical safety and efficient heat dissipation. Many other manufacturers' products leave the threads protruding from the socket, which can prove to be hazardous. [figure 2 & 3]

Figure 2

Figure 3

Adding the Swivel

The SwivelMount of the StarLite® is a very secure mount that is capable of a tilt range of 180 degrees. This is far superior to the capabilities of other manufacturers' mounts, which are hindered by the permanent attachment of reflectors or SoftBox connectors.

Unlike traditional hot lights which can burn or shock you if attempting to adjust the light angle during use, the StarLite® is much cooler while in use, and the swivel handle provides a one-hand twist and tilt lever which securely locks in place. [figures 4]

Figure 4

The StarLite® features a SwivelMount track that allows for a counterbalance of weight when you are using larger SoftBoxes. You can move the swivel forward or backwards to compensate for the lighting accessory you are using. [figures 5 - 7]

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

QL = Quick Lock

The StarLite® has a quick release locking lever that makes for a quick and easy disconnect from the SoftBox Connector. This QL feature requires only a quarter turn of the connector and release of a lever to change to a different SoftBox or to disassemble. [figures 8 and 9]

Figure 8

Figure 9

Efficiency = Power

Traditional reflector style tungsten lights are not appropriate for a SoftBox, since they focus the light forward and do not hit the side walls of the SoftBox. Such light heads project light inefficiently and with hot spots, ultimately creating lighting with excessive contrast.

By contrast, the StarLite® was designed with a bulb that would sit in the middle of the SoftBox to distribute light evenly and efficiently throughout. Since efficiency equals power, the Photoflex® combination of SoftBox and StarLite® provides more light output and results in soft, even, wrap-around lighting on your subjects. [figures 10 and 11]

Figure 10

Figure 11

Lighting Solutions

The StarLite® is compatible with the StarLite® halogen lamps, the new CoolStar® 150watt CFL lamps, BiPin (G9.5) lamps, as well as traditional Edison based halogen (when coupled with our socket reducer). Such an array of lamps make the StarLite® QL lighting system the most versatile lighting solution available for digital video and still capture applications. [figure 12]

Figure 12

The Power

The StarLite® features a heavy-duty 20amp industrial grade lighted rocker switch. While other lights use substandard household grade lamp switches, the StarLite® switch has a specially designed protective high impact polymer housing. [figures 13 and 14]

Figure 13

Figure 14

We integrated the ON/OFF switch into the cord rather than the light head to make it easier to reach when positioning the StarLite® overhead. When the power switch is mounted on the light itself, it limits your ability to quickly turn the light on and off. [figures 15 and 16]

Figure 15

Figure 16

Compatible SoftBoxes

While other manufacturers produce different lights for different light modification needs, the StarLite® is a single light source that can easily be adapted to a wide variety of applications.
The StarLite® is compatible with the following SoftBoxes:

  •     OctoDome® nxt
  •     HalfDome® nxt
  •     SilverDome® nxt
  •     WhiteDome® nxt
  •     CineDome®

The SilverDome® nxt is the SoftBox that was originally optimized for the StarLite® and is the primary SoftBox included with our kits. [figures 17 - 20]

Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19

Figure 20


Photoflex® LiteStands have been engineered to carry more weight and have better stability than the competition. Our LiteStands are built with a wider footprint that only increases as you move up in size. [figure 21]

Check out our LiteStand lesson for this and many more features of the Photoflex® LiteStands.

Figure 21


Photoflex® has designed a line of cases called the TransPac® that were built with the photographer in mind. Each case transports your StarLite® and other lighting equipment safely and with style. The Photoflex® TransPac® is made with a rigid corrugated polymer lining. The material for the TransPac® was designed to bring you the most rugged case for your lighting gear. [figure 22]

Figure 22

To learn more about features and benefits of the the Transpac® click here

Photoflex® Warranties

With the best warranties in the industry, Photoflex® stands behind its products 100% from manufacturer defects.

We encourage you to research and compare our warranties to those of other manufacturers. When you discover that Photoflex® warranties are two to five times longer than anyone else's, it becomes obvious that Photoflex® is the wiser investment. [figure 23 & 24]

(To learn more abut the Warranty on all the Photoflex® products click here.)

Figure 23

Figure 24


Photoflex® offers the largest libraries of photographic lighting lessons available. With a wide range of topics and equipment used, there is nothing you cannot find to help you along in your photographic endeavors.

Photoflex® also utilizes WebPhotoSchool® to expand on techniques and theories talked about on PhotoflexLightingSchool™. We work with pro photographers in every field to bring you the most up-to-date tips and tricks. [figures 25 & 26]

Figure 25

Figure 26


For more than a decade, photographers continue to discover why the StarLite® system is the ultimate constant lighting system. The StarLite® opens a whole new world for professional and amateur photographers around the world, and makes otherwise impossible lighting solutions possible.

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