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Alycia White

Hey guys!! My name is Alycia White and I am a portrait photographer and owner of a studio called Echo Photography located in downtown Prineville, Oregon (right outside of Bend, Oregon.) I haven’t always been passionate about photography. As much as I would love to tell you that I had a camera in my hands from the time I was in diapers, that wasn’t the case. I will say that for as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate and motivated to pursue whatever it was I was pursuing at the time. At one time it was training horses, and then it was acting and then singing. I’ve always been SUPER passionate about Scrabble and then there was the couponing phase. When I discovered photography....oh man, I just took off running.

I started a photography business the day I ordered my first semi-professional, digital camera. What the heck was I thinking? I quickly learned what it took to run a business and even more quickly learned that I didn’t have what it took. I decided it was time to go get it. I began to invest in my education, attending workshops, studying online, reading books, etc. I heard of a great photographer in my area, Kevin Kubota, and practically begged him to let me intern with him. No joke, I found a posting he made on Craig’s List selling his iPhone and I bought the phone specifically so I could meet him. I know…I’m crazy. Shortly after that, I started an internship with Kevin. I learned so much! Lighting, workflow, dealing with clients, the technical side of my camera AND the creative side were just of few of the valuable things I learned. Most importantly, I learned who I was as a photographer.

I would say my style is a blend of lifestyle and contemporary and my specialty is High School Senior Girls. I tend to shoot and post process simple, clean and fresh images. The most important thing to me is that I make my clients happy. I feel more passionate about that than I do about the actual photography. I really don’t think there is anything better than watching a mom cry during the presentation of her family portrait session, or getting a thank you note from a sister whose brother just passed and we were able to do a session to capture some of their last moments together.

I’m so ridiculously passionate about my husband and my daughter. I’m seriously getting choked up right now thinking about how much I love them. I want my daughter to see that we as humans were designed to be creative and passionate. I want her to see that through me. If all I do in this life is capture people the way God sees them. I will leave this world blessed and happy.... As long as there is coffee and chocolate in heaven!

Alycia White


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