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Bryce Kanights

Born and raised in San Francisco, Bryce Kanights has been immersed in skateboarding and its lineage for over thirty years. Shortly after high school in the early 80s, Bryce was hired as an intern at Thrasher magazine, an upstart skateboarding publication at the time. Over many years, his relentless drive and creative involvement with Thrasher helped to shape the foundation of modern-day skateboarding. In particular, his action images, portraits, and contributions as both a photojournalist and a professional skateboarder have had a profound effect on generations of skateboarders and action sports communities worldwide.

Over past two decades, Kanights has also photographed many snowboarding and BMX athletes for both editorial and commercial assignments. His extensive body of work has contributed to some of the most acclaimed action sports businesses, publications, art exhibits, and competitive events worldwide.

His clients include Apple, Adidas, Activision, Alli Sports, Brixton, Dakine, FuelTV, ESPN, X Games, Nike, Levis, Skull Candy, and Vans.

Bryce Kanights