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Craig Pulsifer

Craig Pulsifer is a generalist living in a world of specialists. An intense, but personable guy, he has the knack to boil complex issues down into simple, understandable solutions and relay them as text and image stories.

“Cutting your photographic wisdom teeth in small-town western Canada can drive you nuts,” Craig confesses. “Markets are too thin to carve out a niche and not wide enough to be a jack-of-all-trades. So between that and my love for people and their cultures, I’m driven to work abroad.”

“On good days,” he says, “I get to blend my pursuit for perfection with a fascination for lighting, haywire and gaffer tape to create stuff that goes a bit beyond what’s expected.”

Serving a global mix of commercial, travel and humanitarian clients, Craig’s stills and video work have been described as commiserative, honest and hopeful. His clients include Outside, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Ranger Rick, and World Vision. His stock is represented by Aurora Photos.