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MultiDisc® Kits

The MultiDisc® kits includes our five most popular reflector fabrics in one convenient system: gold, soft gold, silver, white and translucent. The 42 inch Kit uses our large heavy-duty 10 foot 8 inch LiteStand with our traditional LiteDisc® holder. The 22 and 32 inch use our medium 8 foot LiteStand and our new Compact LiteDisc® Holder. The heavy-duty steel frame is guaranteed not to break for the life of the product. The MultiDisc® comes in its own protective, durable fabric case for storing and transporting.

MultiDisc® Kit: 42” Inch


MultiDisc® Kit: 42" Inch This all in one MultiDisc® kit includes our 42 inch disc and the innovative LiteDisc® Holder

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