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OctoDome nxt

The OctoDome® nxt is our eight-sided soft box designed for use with the StarLite® QL continuous light source. The octagonal shape produces a wider angle of light spread than our traditional soft box, resulting in a soft, even natural wrap-around light that is perfect for traditional head and shoulder portraiture, as well as group portraits. The OctoDome® nxt also has a narrower profile than a traditional soft box, which is ideal for tight spaces. The OctoDome® nxt creates beautiful catchlights in the eyes of the subject. The OctoDome® nxt has two layers of removable diffusion to keep the light smooth and even.

OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small


OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small Works with almost any light up to 500 watts. This modifier has a narrow profile, great output, and can be used almost anywhere. Great for key lighting applications.

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OctoDome® nxt: Small


The OctoDome® nxt is designed to be used with the Starlite® constant light source and with strobe lights. Octagon shape produces an even and wide spread of light along with attractive catch lights in the eyes of models. Excellent for portrait, glamour and television lighting where smooth skin texture is desired.

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