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StarLite Kits

StarLite®: small digital kit


Great for small studios and cramped spaces where larger setups aren't practical. Excellent as a separation or hair light. Works well as a specular key light when face is removed.

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StarLite®: medium digital kit


Excellent for all kinds of subject matter, whether it's for portraits, products, food photography, you name it! And because it's a high-powered continuous light, it works for video work, as well as still photography. One of the most versatile, well-built kits of its kind ever made.

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StarLite® OctoDome® nxt: 3 foot kit


StarLite® OctoDome® nxt: 3 foot kit The Starlite® OctoDome® nxt Kit is an all-inclusive constant lighting system for video and still photography. Accepts tungsten or compact fluorescent lamps (requires E-27 socket adapter- not included). Great solution for mixed lighting situations, interviews, and small events.

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