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Four mounting options for your ShoeMount Flashes or receivers. Balance recycle time and power to meet your needs.

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ShoeMount Accessories Photographic Accessories

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The Dual Shoe Flash Adapter Kit is designed to support two shoe mount flashes and two radio triggers. Commercial and event photographers find that the higher output of two flashes is required in sunny conditions. The dual flash configuration is also useful when using a medium or large SoftBox. Two flashes at half power provide faster recycling than a single flash at full power.

Warranty 5 Years

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  • This unit holds two ShoeMount flashes and two wireless triggers for simultaneous firing. Pair with an umbrella or soft box for soft diffused light! Requires optional DualFlash Reflector Connector when used with a soft box
  • Industrial-strength LiteStand adapter for large, heavy equipment. Use to attach heavier lights, strobes, or umbrellas to your light stand. This product features a cast aluminum body and umbrella fitting.

Quikrelease Shoe Large Knob, M4


Quikrelease Small Knob



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Heavy-Duty Grip Swivel AC-ALSWMTB

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