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Our LiteDisc™ reflectors are designed to be durable and dependable. High quality materials and construction make our diffusers and reflectors the most popular in the world.

Black: Use as a flag to block light, sometimes referred to as "negative fill".
Silver: Use to increase specular highlights adding more contrast to your image.

12-inch reflector is great for shooting small objects such as flowers. Folds to almost 1/3 its open size - small enough to fit in your pocket.

Guaranteed to be flat to ensure a smooth, even reflection. All-metallic foil surfaces are double-laminated for longevity and maximum reflection. Double-riveted frame lets the LiteDisc stand up to tough abuse while maintaining its shape and flexibility.

Warranty 5 Years

Features and Benefits


5 years

  • Guaranteed Flat - to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source
  • Double-Laminated - to prevent light from going through the surface, giving you more reflection on your subject
  • Double-Riveted - for added strength to prevent breaking and maintain the firm shape of the Disc
  • Carry Bag - folds down to 1/3 of its actual size and stores easily in its own bag
  • Black surface-use as a negative fill to absorb or block light rather than reflect it
  • Silver Surface- use for even, neutral and strong reflected light, ideal in the studio or open shade.


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SKU: DL-1412BS


12" Round (30.5cm)

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