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LiteDome®: Small

White interior soft box designed for strobe lights. Great for full-length and group portraiture. Highly recommended for product and still life photography. Size is 17x21 inches.


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The LiteDome®: large consistently delivers even, natural light from your strobe unit.

The face of the LiteDome: small is 17 x 21 x 13 inches (43 x 53 x 33 centimeters).

The internal diffusion baffle eliminates extreme highlights and hotspots. The internal baffle and diffusion face are each easily removed, allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast without changing your setup.

Loop hooks are sewn into the outside of the dome to allow for hanging the SoftBox from above using block and tackle.

The LiteDome is available in 5 sizes. Connector is required to fit your strobe light. Connector is sold separately.

Warranty 6 Years

Features and Benefits


6 Years

  • Removable Face and Baffle - allows you to adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast
  • Light Spread - Softens the light source and eliminates the hot spot
  • White interior panels
  • QRC (Quick Release Corners) - creates stronger corners and makes it easier to break down
  • Suspension loops - suspends the light without Boom/Boom Stand
  • Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport

Dome Carry Bag: Small


Dome: Small Front Face For LiteDome®, Mult



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17x21x13" / 43x53x33cm





Feb 2, 2014

I love the convenient size of this soft box and use it quite a lot for portraits. In studio it works perfectly as a hair or back light. On location I often use it to pop just a kiss of light onto my subject’s face and upper body. It’s compact and travels easily so I keep it with my on all shoots where I use strobe lighting. Great product!


stu wiles
Feb 2, 2014

What a fantastic soft box for getting the best from my speedlight. I was thinking that without the inner panel I would end up with a center hot spot, but not the case.
I go with a 1/8 CTO to warm the flash up a bit and love the results.
Works perfectly for head shots and waist up images. Beautiful even light top to bottom.
The new bracket is also an 100% improvement over the original steel selection.
I think the medium box should work well too, next purchase!!