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SKU: LP-7777BG

New LitePanel fabric made with the popular two way stretch fabric with a matte finish for Chroma Key.

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The new LitePanel fabric is made with the popular two way stretch fabric and is a 77 inch square allowing your subject to have more freedom of movability. The fabric wraps tightly around the 77x77 LitePanel frame (sold separately,) which sets up in minutes. A set of connector clips (SKU: LP-B1601CON, sold separately) is suggested to further tighten the fabric at the edges.

Features and Benefits


  • Wrinkle free
  • Matte finish for reducing any bounced light that can create green halo effect
  • 77 inch size allows for subjects to move around in the shot
  • Quick set up


Product Information

SKU: LP-7777BG


77 x 77 inches


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