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SKU: LP-7777WB

White/Black fabric will provide natural looking light reflection or block unwanted light from hitting your subject. Ideal for achieving 'negative fill' in flat lighting situations.

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Large 77x77

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White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results.
Black: Use as a flag to block light, sometimes referred to as "negative fill".

Ideal for creating a subtle lighting ratio in open shade or other flat lit environments by blocking the light on one side of the subject. Simply stand the LitePanel up next to your subject, just out of the camera view, and the 'negative fill' effect will become immediately apparant. The black fabric can also be used above your subject to correct the dark shadows under the eyes from overcast skies or overhead fluorescent lights. LitePanel Fabrics for the 77" x 77" frames come in four varieties:


Warranty 3 Years

Features and Benefits


3 years

  • Elastic corners for fast, secure fit
  • Double-lamination for maximum source light reflection


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SKU: LP-7777WB

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