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SKU: LP-3972WG

White/Gold fabric will provide natural looking light reflection (white) or a strong warming light reflection (gold).

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Medium 39x72


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The medium LitePanel can produce substantial fill light outdoors or for interior scenes reflecting window light or studio lighting. Both gold and white sides are ideal for reflecting fill light into large group photos such as sports teams, graduations, weddings, fashion and architecture.

White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results. Absolutely neutral reflections for accurate color rendition.

Gold: Use for a strong warming effect in your lighting. Ideal for creating warm tones to simulate late afternoon and sunset lighting effects for fashion, video and film production. Often used for accent or rim lighting in fashion and portraiture.

LitePanel Fabrics for the 39" x 72" frames come in five varieties:

  • Translucent
  • White/Black
  • White/Silver
  • White/Gold
  • White/SoftGold
  • White/Sunlite


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SKU: LP-3972WG

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Wilson Photo
Jan 1, 2015

Fantastic! That what I have to say first! I had better over control over the light than I did with a 5 in 1 reflector/diffuser on a light stand! I work and teach alone and this offered much more control on its stand as well!  For my shooting I chose to use natural light and used a Photoflex large diffuser outside a full length window to soften my light. The 39x72 lite panel reflected the ambient light back on my model evenly and softly. It eliminated what I call the spot affect sometimes seen with circular reflectors, where you can see the “spot” of light move around the model. This created a full length reflected light that was fabulously even! This is a tremendous advantage for my work! I may have to get another one of these for my equipment room. For another shot the diffused light from my soft box showed up as a bright square on a highly reflective surface. Using the litepanel with the diffuser on it between the product and the light source allowed me to double diffuse the light and minimize the unattractive reflection of the softbox- versatile tool!