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The Medium LitePanel Kit provides a huge variety of lighting options in one easy-to-use system. It is the ideal lighting control accessory for full length portraits, editorials and video production.

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LitePanel Kits

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The LitePanel Kit is an effective and economical reflector lighting solution that is easy to use and easy to transport.

The LitePanel Kit (39x72 inch) is an ideal kit for Indoor/outdoor sets. The panel can be positioned up to 8 feet high, allowing for maximum diffused coverage over your subject(s), working like a cloud overhead to reduce the harsh contrast of the sun or studio lights. The kit features an aluminum frame, translucent diffusion & white/ soft Gold fabrics and crossbar, a Medium LiteStand, and the LitePanel hardware. The collapsible, shock-corded aluminum frame is quick to assemble, and then disassembles into its own carry bag. With optional, easy-to-attach additional reflector panels (available separately) in gold, silver, and black, it gives you the ability to produce various effects on your subject.

The LitePanel Kit comes with:

  •     39x72 inch Aluminum LitePanel Frame
  •     Reversible White/Soft Gold LitePanel Fabric
  •     Translucent LitePanel Fabric
  •     39 inch Crossbar
  •     Medium LiteStand
  •     Now includes the New LitePanel Hardware
  •     LitePanel Carry Bag


Features and Benefits


LitePanel frame 5 years, LitePanel fabrics 3 years, LiteStands 5 years, Studio Accessories 5 years

  • High Quality Fabrics – This kit features our translucent & white/soft Gold fabrics, ideal for diffusing harsh sunlight or softening studio light. Our reflective fabrics are double-laminated and reversible for maximum coverage and minimal light loss.
  • Interchangeable Fabrics – Each Photoflex® LitePanel Fabric is attached with stretch-tight elastic corners. This allows air to flow around the fabrics on breezy location shoots, and means the fabrics can be reversed or changed out in seconds. Four reversible reflective fabrics are available separately.
  • Sturdy Frames - Designed with a shock-corded frame so they can be set up and torn down in minutes, our specially designed tubing is easy to grip while moving and adjusting the panel, and allows various third party attachments or clamps at almost any angle. The aluminum, square tube frame prevents twisting while the rounded edges make it easy to position two panels together. Photoflex® also offers a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, the best in the industry.
  • New LitePanel Hardware – The new LitePanel Hardware allows you to place a LitePanel wherever you wish with added security and functionality to the LitePanel. A unique modular design facilitates a variety of clamping options giving you unlimited freedom to reproduce your vision. Ideally suited to work with the new Photoflex LiteReach Plus hand held extension boom, so your assistant can quickly and ergonomically position a LitePanel wherever it is needed; although the hardware will mount to suitable Photoflex LiteStands.
  • GripSwivel. Designed to snugly fit all LitePanel Frames, you will be able to position your LitePanel practically anywhere you need it.


Product Information



LitePanel Accessory - Crossbar 39” LP-A39CB
LitePanel 39 x 72 inch Aluminum Frame LP-BA3972FR
LitePanel Fabric Translucent 39 x 72 inch LP-3972WT
LiteStand: medium LS-B2214
Dimensions: Extends 8 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 4.35 lbs.
LitePanel Accessory - Carry Bag LP-1603BAG
LitePanel® Hardware LP-SWVLHRDWR
Dimensions: 2.3” / 6cm x 2.3” / 6cm x 1.6”
Weight: 3.0

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