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OctoDome®: Medium

Narrow profile and broad face offers exceptionally bright, soft light that works especially well as a key or main light. Excellent as a fill for three-quarter to full length portraiture. Includes removable gold/silver reversible inserts for many creative options.


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The Medium 5 foot OctoDome® has a unique, 8-sided shape and narrow profile that give you big box light spread in a space-saving soft box. Its broad, wrap-around light is perfect for fashion and 3/4-length portraiture. The OctoDome3 is designed to work with most strobe lights.

The OctoDome also utilizes a variable density interior baffle to create edge to edge even illumination and has removable inner gold and silver panels, for modifying warmth and contrast of light output. Quick Release Corners (QRC) relieve pressure on support rods for quick and easy soft box set up and breakdown.

Warranty 6 Years

Features and Benefits


6 years

  • Circular Design - provides diffused light that is as wide as it is tall
  • Graduated Internal Baffle - eliminates hotspots and illuminates your subject evenly head to toe
  • Narrow Profile - gives you more versatility in small rooms
  • Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport
  • Removable, interchangeable panels of silver and gold over white interior
  • Dimensions - 55 x 55 x 16 inches
  • Weight - 1.90 kg

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OctoDome®: Medium Silver Gold Medium



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55x55x16” / 139x139x40cm





Cathy B
May 5, 2012

If you want gorgeous, soft light in a shallow-depth box, this is it.  The quality of the materials is pure Photoflex. 

I appreciate Photoflex’s interchangeable connectors as I use multiple light sources for the same octodomes.

The medium is rather large so if you’re looking to use this outside I would recommend a weighed, sturdy lightstand or an assistant to hold it.

Photoflex stands behind its products 110% with an excellent warranty and over-the-top customer service.