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OctoDome®: Small

Designed to be the perfect key light, the small OctoDome bathes facial features in bright, soft light and works well in tandem with the HalfDome or LiteDome.

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The small 3 foot OctoDome® has a unique, 8-sided shape and narrow profile that give you big box light spread in a space-saving soft box. Its broad, wrap-around light is perfect for traditional head-and-shoulders portraiture. The OctoDome is designed to work with most strobe lights.

The internal baffle eliminates hot spots, working with the face diffuser to deliver beautiful, diffused light. Four removable gold and silver inner panels are included, allowing for a range of lighting possibilities.

The OctoDome is available in 4 sizes. Connector is required to fit your strobe light. Connector is sold separately.

Warranty 6 Years

Features and Benefits


6 years

  • Circular Design - provides diffused light that is as wide as it is tall
  • Internal Baffle - eliminates hot spots and illuminates your subject evenly
  • Narrow Profile - gives you more versatility in small rooms
  • Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport
  • Removable, interchangeable silver and gold panels over white interior.
  • Dimensions - 32.5 x 35.5 x 12.0 inches
  • Weight - .092 kg

OctoDome®: Small Baffle


OctoDome®: 3 Carry Bag Small


OctoDome®: Cowl And Patch For 3, 5, Or 7 F


OctoDome®: Small Face For 3 Foot OctoDome®


OctoDome®: Small Rod For 3 Foot OctoDome®


OctoDome®: Small Silver Gold Panels



Product Information



32.5x32.5x12.5” / 82x82x32cm


3 lbs / 1.36 kg



Mar 3, 2014

I use my Small Octodome more than any other light shaping tool when working with strobes. The soft even light output works well for portraits and is perfect for shooting 2 models or a couple. My favorite use is supplementing natural light as the effect is similar to nice even window light.


Matt Beard Photography
May 5, 2012

I LOVE my Small Octodome.  I use it on practically every shoot in some way, shape or form.  I also have the Grid for it as well.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  grin