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RUD 45" Shoot Through Umbrella

This fabric is great for a "shoot-through" umbrella, but it can also be used as an inexpensive bounce light.

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RUD-White Shoot-Through


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Photoflex® adjustable reflective Umbrellas were already the most versatile photographic umbrellas available today; and now they’re even better. The new and improved umbrella line includes ribs and strut pivots that are now made from a fiberglass composite, which is not only stronger, but also offers better resiliency and durability than steel or aluminum.

This new design feature allows for almost carefree handling, all but eliminating damage caused from over bending delicate steel tube ribs. All umbrella center poles are extruded and closed off at the base (vs. folded, hollow tubes, like many other umbrellas, that are easily bent and dented) adding to the durability of the Photoflex® umbrella model.

The RUD 45" Shoot Through Umbrella is not only great as a "shoot-through" umbrella, but it can also be used as an inexpensive bounce light.

Also available in 30" (UM-RUD30). Shaft diameter is 8mm.

Warranty 3 Years

Features and Benefits


3 years

  • Parabolic-shaped reflector - which provides large circular light source to render circular catchlight in eyes
  • Versatile - the Translucent and White Satin fabic is both reflective and translucent
  • Fabric - 190 thread count, tightly woven allowing superior reflection
  • Folds down - like a traditional umbrella which makes it easily portable


Product Information



Arc Length 49" (124.46cm), Tip to Tip Width 43" (109.22cm), Shaft Length 27.25" (69.22cm)

Folded Length 28" (71.12cm)
Shaft Diameter  8mm

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Feb 2, 2015