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These heat resistant SoftBoxes are designed for continuous light sources. Ideal for longterm overhead installations or use on a boom. Can also be used with strobe lighting.

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Video Compatible Products SilverDome nxt

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The SilverDome® nxt: small offers versatility and ease-of-use with beautiful lighting results. It is ideal for overhead installations where hot lights are used and can be used with strobes or continuous lighting. Switch between large source soft lighting and higher contrast lighting in seconds by removing the Velcro attached face.

The extra small SilverDome nxt is 12" x 16".

Soft box shell made from heat-resistant Brimstone® fabric. Silver interior ensures maximum light output.

Connector required, sold separately.

Warranty 6 Years

Features and Benefits


6 years

  • Continuous Lights - the SilverDome is designed to work with continuous light sources (Starlite, hot lights, tungsten, HMI)
  • Light Spread - Softens the light source and eliminates the hot spot
  • Removable Face - allows you to adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast
  • Brimstone™ Fabric - high-heat resistant, will withstand up to 400° F without burning
  • Suspension Loops - suspends the light without Boom/Boom Stand
  • Heat Vents - Velcro® Flaps open to help keep box cooler
  • Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport

SilverDome® Face: Extra Small


Extra Small Rod



Product Information



12x16x9" / 30x41x23cm


1 lb / .45 kg

Maximum Wattages:

500 watts

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