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Excellent for all kinds of subject matter, whether it's for portraits, products, food photography, you name it! And because it's a high-powered continuous light, it works for video work, as well as still photography. One of the most versatile, well-built kits of its kind ever made.

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Video Compatible Products Constant Light Softbox Kits StarLite Kits

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The StarLite®: medium digital kit is particularly useful as a soft separation or hair light on video sets. It is also an excellent single constant source for tabletop photography, especially when combined with a reflector. Yields a soft wrap-around light for head and shoulders glamour portraits. Accepts high output compact flourescent lamps for daylight balanced applications.

This kit comes with:

    StarLite® QL with standard components
    StarLite® OctoConnector
    2 1000watt StarLite® lamps
    Medium SilverDome® SoftBox
    Medium LiteStand (8')

Best Warranty

Features and Benefits


StarLite 3 years, Silverdome 6 years, LiteStand 5 years

  • The StarLite® Tilt Swivel Mount allows quick, easy, one-handed adjustments to direction of light source
  • Brimstone® Fabric - high-heat resistant, will withstand up to 400°F without burning
  • QRC (Quick Release Corners) - creates stronger corners on the SilverDome and allows for easy set up and break down
  • Heat Vents - Velcro® open to help keep box cooler
  • Inner baffle eliminates hot spots.
  • Face diffuser for soft, even light output.
  • Inner baffle and face diffuser are removable for high-contrast lighting
  • Works with continuous or strobes lights.
  • Sewn-in loops allows soft box to be suspended from ceiling
  • LiteStand 2214- extends to 8 feet; thick, oversized aluminum tubing provides superior strength under heavy loads; bolted joints make parts replacement quick and simple


Product Information



StarLite® QL FV-BSL3200
StarLite OctoConnector FV-BSLOCTOCON
SilverDome® nxt: medium FV-SD2M
Dimensions: 24.5x32x17" / 62x81x43cm
LiteStand: medium LS-B2214
Dimensions: Extends 8 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 4.35 lbs.


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