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WhiteDome®: Medium

Provides omnidirectional lighting. Great for shooting interiors and creating soft, controllable light from above. Removable black panels can be applied to control the light or make a more traditional soft box light.

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WhiteDome WhiteDome

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The unique, translucent design of the WhiteDome produces soft, nearly shadowless lighting. With its bright, diffused light, the WhiteDome is ideal for lighting your videos, films, and large sets.

Great lighting solution for architectural photography. Comes with removable black side panels to prevent unwanted light spillage. Panels made from our Brimstone™ fabric; durable and heat-resistant.

Face measures 24.5" x 32".

Handles lights up to 2000 watts.

Can also be used with strobe lights.

The WhiteDome is available in 1 size. Connector is required to fit your strobe light. Connector is sold separately.

Warranty 6 Years

Features and Benefits


6 years

  • Ideal for Starlite or any Strobe or Continuous bare-bulb light source
  • Accepts lights up to 2000 watts
  • Black Side Panels - Velcro® to the sides of the softbox to allow you to control light direction.
  • Light Spread - Softens the light source and eliminates the hot spot.
  • Internal baffle eliminates extreme highlights and hot spots for even, natural lighting
  • Suspension Loops - suspends the light without a Boom or Boom Stand.

Baffle: Medium For LiteDome®, MultiDome®, SilverDome®



Product Information



24.5x32x17” / 62x81x43cm


3 lbs / 1.36 kg

Maximum Wattages:

2,000 watts

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