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Photoflex is back!


FlexFlash 200W

The Photoflex FlexFlash 200W monobloc strobe is ideal for portraiture, fashion, food and product photography. This lightweight strobe has a fully featured easy-to-read digital display screen and a flash duration of 1/1200 second. The FlexFlash 200W can be used worldwide due to its auto-voltage detection system.

$199.95 (Regularly priced at $319.95)

  • Fully featured oversized LCD display with power level indicator that is easy   to read at any angle and when positioned high on a LiteStand®
  • Auto power dumping
  • 5V 1/8” / 3.5mm sync socket safe for digital cameras
  • Maximum sync speed wired or radio remote at 250th sec
  • Maximum sync speed optical at 320th sec
  • Pre-flash detection system allows infrared synchronization with speedlights
  • Automatic cooling / ventilation system
  • Auto voltage detection 90 – 260V (modeling lamp excluded) for worldwide use
  • Auto Power Save function activates when inactive for approximately 20 minutes, then awakens with external flash
  • Audible ready/recycle confirmation
  • Proportional modeling lamp adjustment follows the power setting
  • Continuous mode for the modeling lamp allows control of the lamp independent of the flash when used as only a continuous light
  • Switchable power output display options
    • Decimal display for 1/10th step adjustments 2.0 - 6.0
    • Fractional display for 2/10 step adjustments 1/64 – 1/1
  • Universal “S Type” bayonet accessory mount suitable for all size softboxes including OctoDome® 7’ / 203cm

*Discount good while supplies last

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7-in1 MultiDisc Reflectors

When you need versatility to handle every lighting situation, the award-winning MultiDisc 7-in-1 Reflector is your new best friend. Quickly changes surfaces with zippered reversible fabrics and easily folds to one-third its size. The double riveted heavy-duty steel frame insures extra-long life and a flat surface for even lighting.

$64.95 - $139.95 (Regularly priced $89.95 - $189.95)

White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results
Silver: Use to increase specular highlights adding more contrast to your image.
Gold: Use for a strong warming effect 
Soft Gold: Use for natural-looking, warmer reflected light in diffused sunlight, open shade or in studio
Translucent: Use to diffuse light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect.
SunLite New Color: A less reflective surface than the Soft Gold, ideal for direct sun to bounce back a warm lite into your subject without blinding them
Black: Use to introduce a shadow on one side of your subject for a more dramatic effect or give three-dimensional modeling in an otherwise flat lighting situation. Often referred to as negative fill.

*Discount good through September 30 or while supplies last

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Legacy StarLite 3200

The Legacy StarLite® 3200, with its forward projecting tungsten lamp, is engineered to work with Photoflex’s large line of soft boxes to create extremely flattering light for both portrait and product photography. The bright warm continuous spectrum output of tungsten lamps combines with the properties of the OctoDome® and SilverDome® soft boxes to hide blemishes and render beautiful skin tones.

This is the first version StarLite, prior to 2007. This model does not have the quick-release function to remove the softbox connector; rather it uses a manual set pin seen on the top of the unit, pictured left. It also uses a wing handle swivel; unlike the new model, which uses a single action, handle/tilt adjust. The Legacy model includes a rectangular softbox connector. For the Octodome, the connector FV-BSLOCTOCON needs to be purchased separately.


The StarLite® is compact and lightweight (2.7 lbs.); perfect for location or studio work. Housing and handle remain cool with high wattage lamps.

  • Continuous Light Source: what you see is what you get, no jarring flashes, power
    packs, capacitor, or fuses
  • Special Design: made exclusively for softboxes to maximize light output
  • Double-Envelope Lamp: allows you to touch with bare hands when cool
  • Heat-Cooling Design: allows airflow to help keep the light head cooler than other heads
  • Durable, Modular Design: allows you to position a soft box at any angle and disassemble the light compactly

*Discount good through September 30 or while supplies last

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