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At Photoflex we’re proud to be here for you after you’ve made your purchase to provide on-going support. Our Photoflex Product Support includes online availability of instruction manuals, how-to videos, helpful articles, product specifications and free telephone technical support.

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Call Customer Service at 800-486-2674, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. You may also chat with a customer service representative during those hours or contact us via email at any time. sales@photoflex.com

OEM Information

Photoflex’s manufacturing OEM capabilities will save your company time and money because your fixed costs will be reduced. Your revenue and profits will increase due to faster time to market with innovative proven products that will delight your customers. Click here for more information.

Return Policy

For Returns, Repair or Warranty Service: You must contact Customer Service Photoflex to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before sending products. The Return Authorization number must appear on or near the shipping label. Photoflex reserves the right to determine whether the returned merchandise is to be repaired, replaced, or returned. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost for the return shipment. Photoflex will bear no responsibility for any items returned without following these procedures.

Learn Lighting from the Pros?

Our easy-to-read lessons will guide you through the process. From equipment setup, to lighting strategies, to the final results. Nowhere else will you find lessons as detailed or as descriptive. We walk you through the process every step of the way. Learn from the pros and turn yourself from fledgling photo enthusiast into a photographic sensation. Visit Photoflex Lighting School

Online Printer Friendly Rebate Form for Specials

SKU Product Name Uploaded
AC-ODGRIDM Medium Softbox Grid for OctoDome August 27, 2016
AC-HDGRIDM Medium SoftBox Grids for HalfDome August 27, 2016
DL-22MULTI MultiDisc® 22” 5-in-1 August 27, 2016
DL-22MULTI7N1 MultiDisc® 22” 9-in-1 August 27, 2016
DL-32MULTI MultiDisc® 32” 5-in-1 August 27, 2016
DL-32MULTI7N1 MultiDisc® 32” 9-in-1 August 27, 2016
DL-42MULTI MultiDisc® 42” 5-in-1 August 27, 2016
DL-42MULTI7N1 MultiDisc® 42” 9-in-1 August 27, 2016
FV-SODXS OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small August 27, 2016
FV-SODXS222KT OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small Kit August 27, 2016
FV-MOD7 OctoDome®: Large August 27, 2016
FV-MOD5 OctoDome®: Medium August 27, 2016
DP-SHDBGSPKT ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit August 27, 2016
DL-1712QD QuikDisc®: 12 inch white balancing tool August 27, 2016
UM-RUD30 RUD 30” Shoot Through Umbrella August 27, 2016
UM-RUD45 RUD 45” Shoot Through Umbrella August 27, 2016
UM-RUT30 RUT 30” White Convertible Umbrella August 27, 2016
UM-RUT45 RUT 45” White Convertible Umbrella August 27, 2016
UM-RUT60 RUT 60” White Convertible Umbrella August 27, 2016
FV-SD4XL SilverDome® nxt: extra large August 27, 2016
FV-SD0XS SilverDome® nxt: extra small August 27, 2016
FV-SD3L SilverDome® nxt: large August 27, 2016
FV-SD2M SilverDome® nxt: medium August 27, 2016
FV-SD1S SilverDome® nxt: small August 27, 2016
FV-XT1SLDKIT Small LiteDome Deluxe Kit August 27, 2016
AC-GRIDS Small SoftBox Grid August 27, 2016
AC-ODGRIDS Small Softbox Grid for OctoDome August 27, 2016
AC-HDGRIDS Small SoftBox Grids for HalfDome August 27, 2016
AC-STARFIRE StarFire™: Digital Flash August 27, 2016
FV-SLSODKTB StarLite® OctoDome® nxt: 3 foot kit August 27, 2016
FV-BSL3200 StarLite® QL August 27, 2016
DL-1812SL SunLite 12 inch August 27, 2016
DL-1822SL SunLite 22 inch August 27, 2016
DL-1832SL SunLite 32 inch August 27, 2016
DL-1842SL SunLite 42 inch August 27, 2016
DL-1852SL SunLite 52 inch August 27, 2016
FV-SLBAG2KIT Transpac®: dual kit case August 27, 2016
FV-SLBAG1KIT Transpac®: single kit case August 27, 2016
FV-WD2M WhiteDome®: Medium August 27, 2016

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