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LiteStands 5 Years
Aluminum LitePanel Frames 5 Years
PVC LitePanel Frames 2 Years
SilverDome® 6 Years
StarLite® 3 Years
LiteDome®, MultiDome®, HalfDome® and OctoDome® 6 Years
WhiteDome® 6 Years
FlexDrops® 3 Years
LitePanel Fabrics 3 Years
LiteDiscs 5 Years
MultiDisc® 5 Years
Umbrellas 3 Years
Softbox Connectors 5 Years
Swivel Mounts, Litedisc Holder, Changing Room, Accessory Hardware, etc. 5 Years
FirstStudio® and FirstStar® 3 Years
ProDuty® BackDrop Support Pole 3 Years
BackDrops 1 Year
Transpacs® Cases 1 Year
FlexFlash™ Strobe 1 Year
NorthStar™ Lite 1 Year
StarFire™ 1 Year
Softbox Grids 6 Years
LiteReach® Plus 5 Years

Photoflex stands behind the limited warranty against manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship and or color stability. If our products are not 100% operational out of the original box within the warranty date of purchase, return it for replacement at No Charge. (Receipt must accompany request).  Please call Customer Service at 800-486-2674, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time or E-mail us to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.  The RMA number must be included on the address label for Photoflex to accept return.

Photoflex warranty cannot cover damage caused by accidents, improper care or use, or the natural deterioration of materials over an extended period of use.