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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Creating Narrow Reflections

Lighting Equipment

When it comes to photographing still life scenes indoors, the photographer's primary objective is to make the lighting look as natural as possible. Soft boxes are wonderful lighting tools to use for both still life scenes and portraits, as they are designed to simulate natural window light. However, there are many different shapes and sizes of soft box, each designed for specific applications.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Side lighting vs. top lighting

Here we see the Photoflex HalfDome2 mounted to a Photoflex Starlite with a 1000 watt lamp and mounted to a Photoflex 2218 LiteStand.

Figure 1

Here we see the results, a long clean highlight along the side of the vase.

Figure 2

In this set up shot, we set up a Starlite in a Photoflex Medium Halfdome 2, mounted on a Boom and Boomstand. We then attached Photoflex 40 degree grids.

Figure 3

In this results image we see the affects of the Medium HalfDome2 Kit with the grids attached.

Figure 4

Click here to view a more detailed version of this lesson, complete with camera set-up information, on Web Photo School.

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Lighting Equipment

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