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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

First Studio Products Spotlight

Lighting Equipment

Photoflex is dedicated to delivering high-quality lighting solutions to photographers and videographers of all levels. The Photoflex First Studio line of lighting products is an affordable product line perfect for beginner professional photographers or hobbyists interested in exploring the exciting world of photographic lighting.

Photoflex researched the many offerings of affordable lighting products on the market and remained determined to design lighting products that were economical yet upheld the quality standards of Photoflex’s product line. These First Studio products are both durable and affordable—and while this seems like a mandatory quality, many competitors have skimped on quality in order to offer cheaper prices. Photoflex stands behind the First Studio line as the highest quality economical lighting solutions on the market. We back this up by providing a three-year warranty on First Studio LiteStands and FirstStar light heads and a one-year warranty on the LiteIgloo.

The First Studio family of products consists of our Portrait Kit, Product Kit, BackDrop Support Kit and LiteIgloos.

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Topics Covered:

  •     FirstStar Light Fixture
  •     Double Envelope Lamp Design
  •     Tilt Swivel Mount
  •     First Studio Portrait Kit
  •     Adjustable Silver-Lined Umbrellas
  •     Black Anodized LiteStands
  •     Nut & Bolt Assembly
  •     First Studio Product Kit
  •     LiteIgloo
  •     First Studio BackDrop Support Kit
  •     Backdrop Pole
  •     Backdrop Support Stands

FirstStar Light Fixture

The corner stone of the line is the FirstStar light head which is an 8” reflector light fixture employing a 250W Tungsten / Halogen lamp; available in all of the First Studio lighting kits. The FirstStar is unmatched among its competition; it employs features not found on other brands such as our heavy duty tilt swivel mount for mounting on LiteStands with a unique one hand twist lock tilt mechanism, porcelain Lamp holder / Socket, a double-envelope tungsten lamp for safety and longer long life. For studio quality portraits the First Studio Portrait Kit employs high efficiency silver adjustable umbrellas for professional results. [figure 1]

Figure 1

Double-Envelope Lamp Design

Other tungsten lamps typically fail after being handled without gloves. The Photoflex double-envelope design features an outer quartz glass shield, which allows it to be handled while protecting the inner tube and extending lamp life. The FirstStar 250w lamp provides consistent 3200˚ Kelvin for the life of the lamp. This continuous light source is perfect for both photography and videography. [figures 2 & 3]

Figure 2

Figure 3

Tilt Swivel Mount

The FirstStar’s all-aluminum design features the twist lock swivel design, which is durable and built to last. Competitor’s lights feature lightweight clip-on task light style hardware. [figure 4]

Figure 4

First Studio Portrait Kit

The First Studio family includes the Portrait Kit, which features a two-light setup for creating well-lit portraits. The First Studio Portrait Kit features the FirstStar light head along with our 45” adjustable silver-lined umbrellas. [figure 5]

Figure 5

Adjustable Silver-Lined Umbrellas

Our high-efficiency silver-lined umbrellas offer maximum light output. These umbrellas feature a unique adjustable capability: change from standard umbrella shape to rectangular or square to facilitate a wide variety of professional lighting techniques. [figure 6 & 7]

Figure 6

Figure 7

Black Anodized LiteStands

First Studio Kits feature Photoflex’s 2211 LiteStand, an all-black anodized aluminum material that absorbs light rather than reflecting it into your shots casting unwanted shadows and reflections. [figure 8]

Figure 8

Nut & Bolt LiteStand Assembly

The 2211 LiteStand features an all-aluminum design with nut and bolt assembly. Competitors’ low-cost kits are affordable partly because they include substandard components such as light stands with plastic parts. Again, Photoflex is committed to providing you with the best quality products at all price levels. [figure 9]

Figure 9

First Studio Product Kit

The First Studio Product Kit provides bright, soft lighting for shooting your products or collectibles. This is an ideal kit for shooting products to feature on websites or online auction sites as well as catalogs for sales purposes. It’s easy to setup in your home or business. The Product Kit features our shooting enclosure, the LiteIgloo and also uses the FirstStar light head and lamp and 2211 LiteStand. [figure 10]

Figure 10


The LiteIgloo is a tabletop shooting enclosure for achieving soft, even, nearly shadowless lighting for your products. The LiteIgloo provides a wide range of camera positioning options and super soft results unlike other shooting enclosures that limit creativity. With the LiteIgloo it is easy to create a smooth white background for your product shots. It includes a white sweep for a seamless background as well as a blue sweep for chroma key knockouts. The LiteIgloo folds compactly for easy transport and storage. [figure 11] Here is a typical light setup. [figure 12]

Figure 11

Figure 12

First Studio BackDrop Support Kit

Also included in the First Studio product line is a Backdrop support kit, allowing you to hang a fabric backdrop or seamless paper sweep for professional results.

The BackDrop Support Kit is an easy-to-use economical backdrop support. The kit includes our BackDrop Pole, two LS933 LiteStands and a rugged carry bag. The kit holds Photoflex BackDrops easily and securely. BackDrops are available in a variety of colors and two sizes: 10’x12’ and 10’x20’ (sold separately). [figure 13]

Figure 13

BackDrop Pole

The BackDrop Pole has a simple yet robust extendable design, featuring oversized tubing for increased stability. It is a single-unit with telescoping sections that constructs quickly and easily. The Pole collapses to 4’7” and extends to 12’6”. [figure 14]

Figure 14

Backdrop Support Stands

The BackDrop Support Stands are our LS933 LiteStands that extend up to 9’ high. These are the most robust stands available in any backdrop support kit on the market, hands down. They feature larger tubing and a beefy extension collar design for a product that will last. The wide-leg base provides a very sturdy setup. [figure 15]

Figure 15

Whether you’re an emerging professional with a modest budget or a small business owner with photography needs or a parent desiring to explore a new hobby and capture memorial portraits of your children—the First Studio family of products offers you dependable quality at a nice price. Remember, all components of the First Studio line offer a one to three year warranty. Photoflex stands behind the quality of this product line. If you have any additional questions about the First Studio product line, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-486-2674.

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