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Monday, July 09, 2012

How to use the GripJaw™

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Photoflex® rolls out its new multi-purpose, heavy-duty clamp, aptly named the GripJaw™. You’re sure to find a wide range of applications for these clamps and won’t want to be without them once you’ve had the opportunity to explore and take advantage of their multiple uses.

This lesson will help illustrate some of those many uses and hopefully inspire you on the path to creative genius.

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Topics Covered:

  •     Using the GripJaw™
  •     Stronger & More Versatile
  •     Using a Swivel
  •     Creating Combinations
  •     Taking Things Further

Stronger & More Versatile

The GripJaw™ was designed as a refinement to a LitePanel accessory – the Main & T Clamp - which had limitations with respect to rigidity. So If you’re frustrated with flimsy clamps that keep breaking or don’t securely hold your fabrics or reflective materials, this is the clamping system for you. This simple, yet rugged design is wonderfully intuitive to use. So let's get started!

This beefy, all-metal (cast aluminum) clamp will hold virtually any type of a background, whether you’re shooting on location or in the studio.

Before you mount your new GripJaw™, there are two great features you should be aware of. We've replaced the old threaded clamp system with a female stud, so that it’s now easier to mount to any stand or system that employs a 5/8 inch stud. Also, there's a new male stud on the top of the system, which allows you to attach any other accessory with a 5/8 inch female stud, such as a light or boom. [figures 1 & 2]

Figure 1

Figure 2

These features give you a wide rang of versatility, which is something we as photographers are almost required to provide.

Once you’ve mounted the GripJaw™ to the appropriate fitting, you’ll be ready to begin using it respectively. The GripJaw™ will fit any LitePanel frame or 1 inch diameter pipe. In this lesson, we used a 39x39 inch PVC LitePanel Frame. You can mount the frame within the GripJaw™ in any position, which again, adds to its versatility. [figure 3]

Figure 3

Once you've positioned the frame as you want within the GripJaw™, you can clamp it down using one or both of the large wing nuts, located above and below the GripJaw™. [figure 4]

Figure 4

The GripJaw™ On Our Many Stands

The GripJaw™ mounts to most of our stands and products, including any LiteStand, LS-B2200 LiteStand, and LiteReach™. [figures 5-8]

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Adding to The Noise

Taking things a bit further, you can add a swivel to the mix. By including a swivel into your setup, you can complete a full range of motion, which increases the versatility and adaptability of your equipment case. Here we added the 2.5 inch Grip Swivel. [figures 9-13]

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13

Creating Combinations

For more intricate methods to your madness, you can combine any number of the previous sets to create unique styles of lighting. In the following setups, we've combined the LS-B2200 LiteStand, LiteReach™, and a Swivel to create some very different setups. [figure 14]

Figure 14

The Next Level

Next, we decided to elaborate on our initial two setups. We took two GripJaws™ with two swivels and connected them, one above another. Using this type of setup, we were able to create what professionals call "V-Boards" (figures 15 & 16) and "Clamshells" (figures 17 & 18). These setups are used as diffusers and reflectors to create beautiful portrait lighting.

Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18

Don't Stop Here!

The GripJaw™ is the accessory to match all others. Its intuitive design, along with its ability to lend so much to everything you create makes it a necessity for any camera bag.

There are numerous ways to use the new GripJaw™, but unfortunately, we can’t show them all here. So remember to keep experimenting and if you discover any new ways to use the GripJaw™, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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