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Saturday, July 07, 2012


Lighting Equipment

If you shoot primarily in the studio or at home, shooting on location can prove to be somewhat more challenging, as you are not always able to control every element of the shot. The environment in which you shoot will often dictate how you will approach the lighting challenges you face. One of the biggest challenges in mixed-light situations (indoor/outdoor lighting shots) becomes how to minimize or eliminate unwanted reflections in windows.

For this lesson, we chose to shoot a kitchen scene with a lot of windows in the background. Here, we illustrate how to use Photoflex WhiteDomes to eliminate window reflections, as well as how to create the look you want.

(Click on any thumbnail image below for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  •     Using the Photoflex WhiteDome
  •     Creating natural-looking window light with a softbox
  •     Tricks to lighting steam
  •     Mixing daylight (5500K) and Tungsten light (3200K) for a warm look

In this set up, we placed a Photoflex Medium Starlite kit, configured with the inner baffle and without the front diffusion. We then installed somee Photoflex Louvers, onto the Medium SilverDome. This light was then placed to the left of the camera as our key light.

Figure 1

This is the result.

Figure 2

In the this set up, we added a Photoflex 32" white/soft gold LiteDisc attached to a Photoflex LiteDisc Holder and mounted to a Photoflex 2214 LiteStand. We then set the LiteDisc to camera right as a reflected fill.

Figure 3

Here we see the results. The LiteDisc has opened up the detail on the shadow side of the subjects.

Figure 4

In this set up, we added two Photoflex Small WhiteDomes, both mounted on a Boom and Boom Stand, which made overhead light placement very easy.

The first soft box was placed over the center of the island in the foreground, the second WhiteDome was placed over the counter in the background.

Figure 5

In this results image we see how the WhiteDome has opened up the overall level of light in our scene and has balanced with the ambient light outside the windows in the background of our final shot.

Figure 6


Lighting Equipment

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