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The Photoflex Power of Light® events are not your typical lighting workshops. These classes are designed to offer you the knowledge and tools needed to bring your photography to the next level. The comprehensive curriculum begins with an understanding of basic lighting principles such as brightness, direction, contrast, color, as well as the hard and soft qualities of light. From that point the workshop helps you to build upon that knowledge. By the end of this class you will have a deep understanding of lighting principals and how to apply them. Whether it’s one light or ten, lighting is about creating depth, form, richness, texture, and mood.

If you would like to become a Power of Light presentor, please use the link below to let us know that you are interested.

Here's what past attendees have had to say about their experience:

"I enjoyed shooting directly with the models after the presentations both inside and outside. Great interaction with the diffusers outside along with strobes and natural lighting. Also the multiple setups made it interesting to see how the different equipment works."
    -Jim Zielinski

"You put on a great workshop! The instruction and models were spot on!"
    -Chuck Hersh

"Got some great images for my portfolio! Thanks for a great learning environment!"
    -Ron Spencer

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