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Andrew Foord

From as long as he can remember, Andrew Foord views every day life as a series of moments waiting to be captured. Passion drives him to create stunning artistic images. He finds his greatest joy in realizing those visions and sharing his art.

Andrew currently resides in Northern New Jersey, minutes outside of NYC, with his beautiful wife Marina and son, Johnny, his first models. They’ve given Andrew the inspiration and encouragement to pursue his interests and to share this love and craft with others.

“When shopping for new light modifiers, I look for 3 things… build quality, ease of setup/breakdown and punchy light output, and Photoflex has scored the hat-trick. Not only are the modifiers built to last, but setup is also a breeze. My favorite modifier has to be the OctoDome: Medium. I especially LOVE that four removable gold and silver inner panels are included, allowing for a punchier light when needed, something no other brand offers.”

Andrew Foord