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Blair Bunting

Blair Bunting burst onto the commercial advertising scene with a unique style at age 19. While attending college he often skipped classes to fulfill the requirements of his clients. You’ve certainly seen his photos for the Discovery Channel: MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, Future Weapons. The list of professional athletes and celebrities he’s photographed for major publications continues to grow. His style is immediately recognizable: edgy, contrasty, specular and very well composed.

Blair is described as a self-taught photographer, but his development is more complicated. He set a goal for himself to systematically experiment and refine his personal vision. For a long time he shot at least 100 photos a day, each one designed as a mini lesson to learn exposure, contrast control, composition and all the other elements of photography. The result was a style that is mostly accomplished in the camera, not on the computer. Yeah, those splattering water droplets are in the original exposure.