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David Hou

David Hou is one of Toronto’s most sought-after industry photographers. Because his oeuvre spans the worlds of performing arts, fashion, and design, Hou’s telltale signature is the happy fusion of all these styles, which give his photographs their distinctive edge. Dance is imbued with the vibrancy of fashion, fashion is transformed into theatre, and design jumps off the page in settings that are as innovative as they are inventive.

Since first becoming a professional photographer in 1998, Hou’s career has taken off like a rocket. In 2002, Hou was the Japan Foundation’s official photographer for the world tour of Dance Okinawa in promotion of the G8 summit, which took place on that island. For the past 9 years, Hou has been the advertisement and production photographer for the Stratford Festival of Canada. Most recently, he was the stills photographer for the TV documentary of National Ballet of Canada’s Romeo and Juliet. Through his work in the performing and visual arts, Hou’s photographs appear regularly in daily papers, art digests, and fashion and dance magazines.

David Hou


Cell: 416-568-6243

Studio: 416-461-3728

email: david@davidhou.com