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Mike Maez

Mike Maez is an eclectic, yet down-to-earth photographer who started out with small, local publications in Arizona and eventually built up a comprehensive international portfolio. From this, he migrated from the traditional editorial landscape into more portrait and wedding work, bringing with him knowledge of quick setups and beautiful light, no matter how little time was available. As word spread of Mike’s ability, bookings increased, and now Mike Maez Photography represents a full-time wedding and portrait studio offering a range of services and workshops to clients near and far.

Mike’s lighting knowledge comes from time spent both on location and in studio with fellow Pro Showcaser, Blair Bunting. Combined, they have spent countless hours with a variety of lighting setups and subjects all around the world. Although Mike channels most of his energy towards the wedding and portrait markets, he regularly accepts editorial and commercial assignments when time permits, and has been a stringer with Getty Images since 2005.

Maez's past clients have included Microsoft, Ford, GM, AOL, WeTV, and Mobil 1.