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Nicolas Nadjar

In 1986, after experimenting with various fields of study, including sound engineering, guitar, computer programming, and electronics, Nicolas Nadjar finally discovered photography. "It was love at the first sight. Since that time, my life has revolved around taking photographs and learning everything I can about photography. I even dream about it!"

Currently, Nadjar owns and operates a photography studio in Santiago de Chile, specializing in food photography. He also runs one of the most complete photo rentals in Chile and has been involved with high-end digital photography since 1997, shooting with both Phase One and Leaf digital backs. Among his clients are some of the most important food brands in Chile: Cial Alimentos and Agrosuper. He also does work for large restaurant chains, such as Pardos, Domino and Mamut.

"Each lighting element within my photographs is achieved during the photo-shoot. I firmly believe that a photographer needs to capture as much as possible at the time of shooting, and not afterward in front of a computer."

Nicolas Nadjar